Prince Andrew Destroys Own Future, Even Queen Cannot Save Him

Even the person once-closest to the Queen believes that Prince Andrew is in huge, huge trouble.

The former Queen press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, spoke to "Good Morning Britain" with regards to the unwillingness of the Duke of York to cooperate with the lawyers who speak for the victims.

During the first part of the talk, TV presenter Piers Morgan compared Prince Andrew's mess to what Princess Diana and Prince Charles faced before. He referred to the former royal issues as a "less contentious stuff" compared to the duke's involvement with a pedophile, which he called a whole new different "ballgame".

Arbiter agreed to Morgan's statement since Prince Andrew confirmed that he was friends with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Photographs and clips of Prince Andrew surfaced showing that he stayed with Epstein for four days, during which a group of underage children freely came in and out. The Duke of York claimed that the scenarios only happened since Epstein's house was a bit like "a railway station".

"Well, if it is a bit like a railway station and you still see all these underage ladies walking through, aren't you gonna ask questions? Aren't you gonna [ask] why they are there?" the former PR secretary said on Prince Andrew's claims.

The little lies throughout the interview, which was rebutted by people online, made the Duke's status even worse.

GMB presenters listed out the aforementioned lies, from Prince Andrew claiming that he does not do PDAs to his claims that he never sweats (which is a non-sense according to medical experts).

"If he's lying about the little stuff, how can we trust him on the bigger stuff?" Morgan blurted out.

Queen Elizabeth's Rough Time

Due to "a lot of shenanigans" involving the royal family, the presenters believed how this issue can burden Queen Elizabeth II. After all, the allegations are no small matter.

Unlike the headlines Meghan Markle and Prince Harry created after riding private jets and being called hypocrites, Prince Andrew's case is a lot new level of irritation for the Queen.

Arbiter, after working with the Queen for a long time, saw Her Royal Highness as two people: as a Head of the state and as a mother to Prince Andrew. Despite looking after her son, the former PR secretary refused to believe that the Queen already got answers from the Duke.

Moreover, Morgan opened up about the sponsors of Prince Andrew's charities who quitted one by one after the reports surfaced.

"I don't see how he can continue if you know he's got a fabulous charity with Pitch where he brings entrepreneurs to with business. And if they are walking away from him and others, then I think there is no future for him," media lawyer Mark Stephens spoke about the truth.

Arbiter ended the whole conversation by giving Prince Andrew a piece of advice, telling him to step back until the issue is resolved.

However, after seeing Prince Andrew deny the accusations by lying and failing to sympathize with the victims, royal watchers remaine unsure if the issue is going anytime soon.

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