Prince Andrew Loses Big After Ugly Jeffrey Epstein Interview


Prince Andrew saw his recent BBC interview as a great success, but the consequences say otherwise.

The Duke of York agreed to do a tell-all interview with the BBC to clear his name about his involvement with controversial billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual allegations made against him by her victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

After the interview, Prince Andrew sustained public condemnation for failing to sympathize with Epstein's slaves and victims as well as failing to show regret befriending him. This made his Pitch@Palace's program members to come up with a decision that could further cause his downfall.

Worst Interview Ever

Prince Andrew attempted to defend himself, but he caused another disaster after he lost corporate sponsors (with some not even bothering to hold a pen to sign a renewal of the contract with him).

Before the obstrusive one-on-one discussion, the sponsors planned to boost entrepreneurship with the Duke of York's programs. However, they now changed their minds and transferred their supposed partnership into something they want to either dismiss or reconsider.

KPMG, an auditing firm and founding partner of Pitch@Palace, withdrew in renewing its partnership with the organization and even backed out from the mentorship scheme of Prince Andrew. To recall, they associated themselves with the Duke of York in the pursuit of amplifying the works of entrepreneurs. 

According to Sky News, however, a spokesperson from the Buckingham Palace revealed that the contract between the firm and the program ended in October. KPMG reportedly does not want to attach their name with the prince anymore.

More Wants Out!

Cisco and Barclays, other partners of the program, decided to end their engagement in June 2019 and declined to give a comment respectively.

AstraZeneca, also one of their partners and a pharmaceuticals giant, said: "Our three-year partnership with Pitch@Palace is due to expire at the end of this year and is currently being reviewed."

Some of the co-founding companies like Aon already wanted to cut ties with Pitch@Palace even before the interview. In Aon's case, they asked them to remove the logo on the program's website since "it had been prematurely posted." Moreover, their spokesperson confirmed that they never finalized their agreement to be a sponsor.

More partners and supporters (Advertising Week Europe, Arm, Air Asia, Bank of China, Tencent, InMotion, Bosch, and Hult to name a few) are expected to give their decision soon whether they will continue working with the Pitch@Palace or not.

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