Liam Hemsworth Introduces New Girlfriend To Parents -- And It's Not Maddison Brown!

Did Liam Hemsworth find another woman better than Miley Cyrus and Maddison Brown?

To recall, Hemsworth was first spotted with Brown in New York City months after he filed for divorce from Cyrus in August 2019.

Since Liam and Maddison's first public kissing session, the two reportedly met each other a few more times. However, they refused to reveal their real score.

Silence Means No?

The "Dynasty" actress went to an interview with Daily Telegraph - Australia where the reporter inquired if Brown is still single.

Brown chose to laugh the question off and told the reporter that she has rules. She refused to answer the question since she does not want to talk about her personal life.

Maddison then shifted the topic and told the interviewer that she does not want fame or attention, as she only cares about her work.

"As a model or as an actor when you are successful in those industries, fame eventually becomes a part of it and so I just see it as being part of the job, but it's never been something that I've outwardly pursued," Maddison clarified.

But the actress might have kept her mouth close since her relationship with the actor seemed not to be progressing at all.

No Progress Because of a New Girl?

Liam's fans expected Brown to be the "traditional" girl his mother has been waiting for. But the actor introduced someone else to his matriarch and father.

On Friday, Liam was spotted leading a new girl to his parents, Craig and Leonie, over lunch in Byron.

The lucky girl who caught the heart of the "Last Song" actor is 21-year-old Australian model Gabriella Brooks.

Liam was the first one to give his mother a big hug before the stunner greeted the matriarch.

Aside from Craig and Leonie, two family friends also joined Liam and Gabrielle for lunch and exchanged a good laugh during the meet-and-greet.

Who's Gabriella Brooks?

The Australian model started her career at the age of 14 and has been an active ambassadress for top brands -- including Topshop, Calvin Klein and Solid & Stripe. The now-21-year-old Gabriella is currently a member of agencies Storm, Priscilla and Next.

Aside from being known for her modeling career, Brooks also grabbed the spotlight after she broke up with "The 1975" frontman Matt Healy years after they publicized their relationship.

Per The Sun, there was "strain on their relationship, not helped by him being on tour a lot this year." The source also added that Gabriella had enough of Matt, who always parties at home.

Too bad for the model, but she immediately received tcriticisms as soon as the news about meeting Liam's family went out in public.

Fans of Liam's ex-wife Miley joined forces to bring the model down and told her that she can never be better than the singer. Another fan also criticized Liam's "taste" since he "downgraded" his "Miley Cyrus Level" to someone like the young model.

Neither Liam nor Gabrielle has posted a defense yet, and their fans are not sure if their story will be just another short-lived fairytale.

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