Camila Cabello 'Deeply Ashamed' After Old Racist Posts Resurfaced

Another celebrity was put into the spotlight this week to contend with her past online behavior.

In recent years, Camila Cabello has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement and condemned fans who flung racist comments at her former Fifth Harmony bandmate, Normani.

However, a number of her old posts from a website called Tumblr have surfaced. These included memes and comments that were openly racist and derogatory.

A twitter user named @motivatefenty posted a thread of tweets meant to "expose Camila Cabello's racist and downright disturbing Tumblr re-blogs."

The user even confirmed the account belonged to the singer by posting a series of screenshots of the "Havana" singer's profile. Cabello confirmed it was her account when an anoymous user on the website asked her to post a picture of herself, to which Camila replied with her photo.

In the thread, the user revealed that Cabello used the N-word, even sharing a meme with the N-word spelled with an -er at the end. Cabello also allegedly shared several racist memes, one that targeted a black child.

According to @motivatefenty's tweet, "She reblogged this extremely racist GIF that stereotypes an African-American child." The said post features a Black boy grinning at fried chicken in one photo and watermelon in another.

Cabello even reportedly made fun of Rihanna for being a victim of domestic violence. "Rihanna's IQ is 117, can you beat her?"

In another post, Shawn Mendez's girlfriend shared a screenshot of a Google search with the question, "Why do Asians speak the ching chong language?"

In another set of posts, the "Señorita" hitmaker took shots at rappers Lil Wayne and Niki Minaj, as well as pop icons Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

Cabello was previously accused of calling Normani the N-word but denied the allegations. However, the twitter user who exposed Cabello argued that she knew exactly what she meant when she called her that because of a specific post.

On Wednesday, the Grammy-nominated singer took to her Twitter to post a "heartfelt" apology for her use of offensive and hurtful words on social media as a teen. Now that she is 22 years old, she believes she has grown up.

Camila started the post saying, "When I was younger, I used [a] language that I'm deeply ashamed of and will regret forever."

Cabello then labelled herself as "uneducated" and "ignorant." After becoming aware of the history and the "weight and the true meaning behind the horrible and hurtful language," she became "deeply embarrassed."


Camila claimed that she has apologized then and will continue to apologize now, adding that she would "never intentionally hurt anyone, and I regret it from the bottom of my heart." Now, she says she is an adult and has "grown and learn."

Camila Cabello also assured her fans that her mistakes do not represent the person she is today and the person she has ever been.

"As much as I wish I could, I can't go back and change things I said in the past. But once you know better, you do better, and that's all I can do," she writes.

Fans have already threatened to cancel Camila Cabello, and her Tumblr account has been taken down.

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