Princess Diana Felt Tortured During Christmas in the Palace


​Princess Diana's heart experienced torments more than what it could ever take.

Royal watchers believed that her separation with Prince Charles in 1992 and eventual divorce in 1996 would finally end all her mental and emotional suffering. However, it got even worse when she had to experience one thing every Christmas.

Princess Diana Lonely Christmas Seasons

According to former royal cook Darren McGready, Princess Diana had to celebrate Christmas alone after she got separated from Prince Charles.

The heir to the throne, per McGready's claims, would always send Princes William and Harry to Queen Elizabeth II in Sandringham every Christmas to celebrate with Her Majesty instead.

"It was always quite sad when you were working with the princess the day before Christmas," McGready told Yahoo's The Royal Story.

Even though the Queen pushed them to end things properly, they still shared the custody of the royal princes. However, but she had to agree with Prince Charles' decision every time.

What broke the former cook's heart more was their "tradition" to always leave food in the refrigerator since Princess Diana would always insist all her staff to spend holidays with their families instead of staying with her.

"So there was the princess, on her own, on Christmas Day," McGready went on.

Spending time with Queen Elizabeth II at the Sandringham Palace has been a long-existing tradition of the monarchy. But through the years, the Princess of Wales never learned to like the residence because "she could not get away."

Why Princess Diana Did Not Want to Stay at Sandringham

After Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, she spent holidays every year with the Royal Family but unfortunately, she got embarrassed during one of those Christmas celebrations.

According to the Royal author Claudia Joseph, royal family members would always play "joke time" on Christmas Eve through small gifts.

"Princess Diana was obviously not briefed of this little quirk of the royals," Joseph claimed. "She gave Princess Anne a cashmere jumper thinking that that was a suitable present for her sister-in-law. And in exchange, she received a loo-roll holder!"

Like Mother, Like Son?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke this long-existing practice of the Royal Family next to Princess Diana.

The Sussexes started their six-week-long break, and they will be missing Christmas with the Queen. Instead, they will reportedly spend it in Canada -- though initial reports said they will be in the U.S.

Far from what the royal watchers expected, though, Queen Elizabeth II appeared to just shrug her shoulders and let the royal couple do what they want to do.

According to Queen Elizabeth II's biographer Sally Bedell Smith, the Queen will never want to add more reasons to the rift rumors following the statement of Prince Harry that he and his brother Prince William are on "different paths" at the moment.

Their non-appearance this holiday will be the second time they refused the Queen after they "turned down" Queen Elizabeth II's invitation to spend time with her at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

"Given that Harry and Meghan didn't go to Balmoral over the summer, it could be seen as another piece of evidence that they are going their own way if they don't show up for Christmas," Smith continued.

The royal biographer also assured that the Queen may not hold grudges if they will miss Christmas this year. After all, it is also a fact that Markle's family is living in the U.S.

Moreover, Prince William and Kate Middleton received the Queen's permission to alternate Christmas celebrations between Sandringham and Berkshire where the Middletons are currently residing.

Even though staying at Sandringham for Christmas is a custom of the monarchy, the Queen sometimes "makes allowances" and the Sussexes may be granted with that.

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