Niall Horan Loves Selena Gomez's 'Rare' Album -- Now Fans Are Shipping Them!

In the entertainment industry, the minute a single celebrity chat or even just walk beside someone who is also single, fans will automatically ship them and assume they are dating.

Even Holywood A-lister Brad Pitt revealed that he never brought his mom to the recent Golden Globes Awards because every woman who stands beside him will instantly be rumored as someone she is dating.

But in this age of social media, not only celebrities who interact face-to-face will be shipped. Even a simple compliment will give fans hope for something more -- just like how supporters are now shipping musicians Niall Horan and Selena Gomez.

On Tuesday, a fan took to Twitter and bravely asked the One Direction alum if he has already listened to Selena's new album "Rare."

The fan tweeted her question along with a black and white photo of Selena and Niall. In the picture, both of them are all smiles while Niall's hands are around the 27-year-old pop star.

Niall was quick to reply and let the fans know about his thoughts on Selena's new album, which was released a week ago.

"Yes, and it's brilliant," Niall replied. Wait, what? Did Niall just gush over Selena and her music? He did not only find it good or great, but brilliant! One word but means a lot of compliments, huh?

While Selenators (as what Selena Gomez's fans call themselves) seem to have found a new recruit in Niall, others are quick to ship both artists and beg them to try and start dating.

The photo attached by the brave fan was initially taken from a group photo uploaded on Instagram by Selena's best friend, Courtney Lopez. Apparently, Selena and Niall are with a group of friends dining at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles back in October 2019.


The said photo also started rumors that Niall and Selena might be romantically linked with each other, because why not? Selena has been single for almost two years then, while Niall has already broken up with singer Hailee Steinfeld since December of 2018.

Speculations about Selena and Niall being together get stronger after the "Lose You To Love Me" singer raved about Niall's latest single on Twitter the following day after the group photo was taken. Selena was even urging fans to stream Niall's music.

Because of this, some fans are also quick to coin the ship name Siall for the possibility of Selena and Niall love.

However, Niall was quick to break the heart of the growing Siall fans, as he immediately clarified rumors that he and Selena are dating.

In an interview with Australia's 90.9 Brekkie Crew in December 2019, Niall confirmed that he is very much single and ready to mingle.

"Do I have a girlfriend? I don't, no. I'm very much single. Very much single," Niall said.

So, shall we look forward to Siall version 2.0, or shall we just junk the idea of Selena and Niall together because Niall is just a certified Selenator?

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