Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Eyeing Canadian Mansion Located In Area For The Image Conscious


Meghan Markle is moving to North America with Prince Harry and their son Prince Archie. Now, she is looking for their dream family home. 

The Dream Home

In her search for a new place, Meghan has found an incredible waterfront home in one of the most prestigious areas in West Vancouver. The £21 million home offers a breathtaking view across the ocean to the city skyline.

It is a stunning 6,900 square foot home that features a huge patio area that opens to the majestic view of nature. It has four floors, six bedrooms, and five bathrooms with full-length panoramic windows. The home design makes the most out of its elevated position to feature the beautiful seaside view far from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Privacy is important even now that Meghan and Harry stepped away from their royal life, and this home provides just that and more. It comes with manicured screed hedges, gates, and a 20-foot beachside walls at the rear part of the property. 

A private guest suite is situated on the upper level of the home, offering a more floor to ceiling view of nature. Across the bay, downtown Vancouver rests on its beauty. The panoramic windows surely make good use of the elevated beachside position of the house. 

Indeed, this home is a picture of can be considered as luxurious living in an expansive four-level home. 

An estate agent revealed to The Sun that Meghan Markle has expressed her interest in this beautiful home. "It would be perfect for her, Prince Harry and their little Archie," the agent added. 

The neighborhood is a safe haven for the wealthy in Canada. The atmosphere in the community is very laid back as well.

"If they decide to move into this home, the community will surely welcome them with open arms," the agent furthered.

The Community

Another Vancouver-based source said that if Meghan and Harry decide to purchase the home, they are getting themselves a real gem in Kitsilano -- one of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods in Canada. Properties in the area are sought after by the super-rich and those image-conscious young individuals. 

The home is close to Kitsilano Beach, a very cool spot to do a lot of different things, including beachside Yoga during the summer.

According to the real estate agent based in Vancouver, the best part of purchasing the property is that it is found in a very quiet community where everyone respects each other's privacy. "The people value their privacy, so Harry and Meghan will surely fit in very well."

The home Meghan found is at the heart of the billionaire's row also dubbed as the "Golden Miles" 

Is This Home?

Taxpayers have shelled out £2.4 million to modernize the Frogmore Cottage, so it can be home to Harry, Meghan and the little family they are starting. According to sources, The Queen is unhappy about the money spent on the renovation following the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan that they are to divide their time in the U.K. and North America. 

Will Harry and Meghan be moving to this beautiful home? The couple will have to decide soon or they lose the chance to living in their dream home. 

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