Will Camila Miss Meghan Markle, Prince Harry? -- She's Not Sure!


Talk about an awkward moment. After the controversial Megxit, Camilla Parker-Bowles made a public appearance on Monday as the royal family negotiates with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over their decision to step back from official duties. 

The Duchess of Cornwall was visiting Prospect Hospice in Swindon, England, to celebrate the charity's 40th anniversary.  Then an ITV journalist, Chris Ship, asked Prince Charles' wife whether she would miss Prince Harry and Meghan.

Interestingly, however, Camilla had a rather amusing an cryptic answer.

"Hmm," Camilla said, as if she was really pondering whether the absence of the two will impact her.

After waiting for a bit, she responded with a smile and said "Course" before exiting through the doors. 

It may be a very nice and appropriate response. But a lot of people took to Twitter to say that the Duchess of Cornwall is being really "snarky and shady."

"When the engagement was announced, she had MUCH more than a one-word response," one Twitter user said. 

Another one tweeted out, "Either say, 'no comment,' or something that indicates she really would."

"Just saw a clip of that Camilla being shady when asked about Harry and Meghan. I know nothing about the royals except that after Princess Di's documentary, I hate Camilla," one other person tweeted. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Starting New Life

On Monday evening, Prince Harry arrived in Canada to begin his new life away from the royal family. It has been a busy few weeks for him in the U.K. where he and his wife announced their wish to step back from their roles. 

Prince Harry was seen on Vancouver Island days after reaching an agreement with Queen Elizabeth II and other senior members of the royal family. 

Prince Harry's departure came after one of his last -- if not the last -- official royal appearances on Monday, attending a summit for leaders of 21 African countries in London hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Already in Trouble

But moving to Canada, the couple thought they would escape the paparazzi. 

The 35-year-old Prince and his wife already issued a warning over harassment by paparazzi photographers in Canada after agreeing to give up their royal duties. 

It comes after the Duchess of Sussex was photographed on Monday in North Hill Regional Park on Vancouver Island, carrying their eight-month-old Archie Harrison in a baby sling while walking their two dogs, Oz and Guy. 

According to BBC, the pictures were taken by photographers hiding in the bushes who did not even ask for consent. Sky News also said that the Duke and Duchess have paparazzi permanently camped outside their home with long lenses. 

To make their new home more secure, they made a few changes to their area. 

The property sits at the end of a private road, behind a private gate. But since the royals moved, they added a white tarp behind it to provide added privacy to the couple and their son. 

There has also been a security camera installed and a metal fence erected at the edge of the property that leads down to a public beach. A dog is also reportedly camping there to keep watch. 

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