WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Pranks Friends' Fans at Central Perk

The next time you were asked who is your favorite "Friends" character, make sure to be careful and think twice as the OG Rachel Green could be hiding somewhere and give you a surprise of a lifetime.

This is precisely what happened to fans visiting the Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Who would have thought that a simple studio tour could turn into an unexpected meet and greet with one of "Friends" famous cast? Yes, we sure envy these lucky fans.

On Friday, Friends alum Jennifer Aniston filled in as guest host for the program of her good friend, Ellen DeGeneres. The 50-year-old actress expressed how happy she is to host a talk show for the first in her almost three decades in the industry.

And in true "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" fashion, Jennifer's hosting stint would not be complete without a little bit of pranking on the side. Since Ellen's show is in the same lot as the original set of the iconic sitcom, Jennifer decided to walk down memory lane, visit the preserved "Friends" set and surprise unsuspecting fans who simply came for their souvenir photo.

Having spent ten years of her career in the said studio, Jennifer still knows how to move around the famous coffee shop, "Central Perk" where her character Rachel Green used to work as a waitress.

The OG Rachel Green decided to crouch behind the famous orange couch and wait for the right time to photobomb fans on their souvenir photo.

First, she scolded a group of friends for naming Ross (David Schwimmer) as their favorite character on the show. The girls lost it upon realizing that it was Rachel Green in the flesh!

Jennifer also came in prepared to surprise a duo posing as if they were having coffee. Rachel Green channeled her early waitressing days and pretended to pour some of the fan's cup.

Meanwhile, another duo could not believe their eyes and even asked if it was the real Jennifer Aniston and not just some staff wearing a mask.

"Is it real? Am I dreaming? Is it really, really you? Is there a mask on?" one fan asked.

"No, you're not dreaming!" Jennifer responded, trying to pull her face to prove that she was not wearing a mask! Hilarious!

The fan followed up, asking if the actress really filmed on the same set, to which Jennifer replied: "I live here!"

There was also one fan who could not stop screaming the moment she saw Aniston and almost lost her breath! I mean, same girl, same!


Meanwhile, Aniston scolded yet another group of friends who named Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica (Courteney Cox) as their favorite Friends characters. She once again popped behind the couch and said: "I'll pretend I didn't hear it!"

Jennifer eventually invited the said group to come over at The Ellen DeGeneres Show studio and watch her host a talk show.

"Now that you guys are here, you get to watch your third favorite friend," she joked.

What a lucky day for those fans, huh? Sweet.

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