4 Ways to Experience Ultimate Luxury in Maui

The island of Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaiian Archipelago. Maui is home to most elite and luxurious activities, white sand beaches, dramatic volcanic coastlines, and warm turquoise water. The island is filled with a wide variety of activities for tourists of all ages and interests. Maui is beloved for its magnificent sunrise and sunset of Haleakala, farm-to-table cuisine, and views of whales. The island features many over-the-top luxury activities for the visitors looking to have a different experience. From the private helicopter charter to the luxury yacht rentals, Maui has it all. Here is a list of four ways to experience the ultimate luxury in Maui. 

1. Stay in the Lavish Accommodations:

Maui is the hotspot to experience luxurious vacation accommodations. Kapalua has lavish vacation estates, and Wailea has stunning resorts. Maui has a bit of opulence for everyone. So, if you want to spend luxurious holidays in Maui, check out the private vacation rentals in Maui and world-class resorts for the most premier vacation accommodations. Wailea tops as the most luxurious resort community of Hawaii. It is located in South Maui, offering incredible ocean views. Thus, Maui is the most glamorous Hawaiian Island that offers luxury resorts, stylish boutiques, and farm to table restaurants. 

2. Charter a Private Helicopter:

Chartering a helicopter is a great way to experience the beauty of the island Maui from above. There are a variety of trips offered by helicopter charters in Maui including custom private charters. Your helicopter charter will take you around the Maui depending on the destination of your tour. West Maui Molokai Flight is one of the best charters that take you over the water to view sea cliffs and incredible waterfalls and also get you partially around the island. You have the option to book an entire private helicopter or you can also book a few seats and share the flight with other travelers. 

3. Discover the Underwater World with Your Private Snorkeling Charter:

Don't miss out on scuba diving or snorkeling around the Maui's magnificent reefs. Your private snorkeling charter in Maui will enable you to experience an amazing underwater trip, and you can see colorful fish, coral formations, and sea turtles. The best scuba diving spot in the Hawaiian archipelago is the Molokini, located off the Maui's southwestern coast. It offers more than 250 species of tropical fish and exotic coral beauty. You can get to Molokini by boat tour. 

4. Charter a Private Boat:

Nothing feels better than enjoying morning, afternoon, and sunset aboard a private boat cruise.  Charter a yacht if you are looking for the relaxing experience of a sunset cruise. You can also explore protected coves for swimming or snorkeling. For a luxury fishing experience, you can charter a refurbished yacht featuring top quality fishing gear and state of the art technology. The cruising yachts feature luxury staterooms and bedrooms along with under cabin and above cabin dining area. They also have a large sun deck on the front. The cruising and fishing yachts offer you an ultimate luxury experience and can accommodate anything from deep-sea fishing to overnight stays. 

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