[WATCH] Camila Cabello Delivers Emotional 'First Man' Performance at Grammys 2020

A father will always be every daughter's first love. Regardless if they are a daddy's girl or not, every woman can agree to the fact that their dads will always be their first love -- the first man who showed them what unconditional love means, the man who shows them how to treat a girl right, and the man who will do anything for them without anything in return.

The minute a daughter talks about her relationship with her dad, tears will always be on cue and come rushing through their eyes. Father-and-daughter has that special bond that nobody can ever explain.

That is why viewers of the 2020 Grammy Awards night are probably all in tears after Camila Cabello just had an emotional performance of her song "First Man," dedicated to the first man in her life, her father.

While wearing a stunning pink gown, the 22-year-old singer performed the single from her album "Romance," which is a tribute to her dad, Alejandro's continued support and love for her.

A part of the lyrics reads: "I swear on my heart that he's a good man / I know you'll stay up late just waiting for me / You held me so tight, now someone else can /, But you were the first man that really loved me."

The "Señorita" hitmaker belted out the song while footage from her childhood and bonding moments with her dad was playing on the screen.

Towards the end of the song, Camila went down on stage to personally sing to Alejandro, who is watching her daughter perform from the front seat. And when the camera finally showed Mr. Alejandro in tears, all our tears were also in cue for this heartwarming father-and-daughter moment.

Camila went on and held her tearful father's hand as she finisher her ballad. Alejandro looked so proud as he intently watched her daughter sing. Even before Camila finishes her song, her father already gave her a sweet kiss on the hand.

The father-and-daughter tandem ended the tear-jerking performance with a tight hug.

Seriously, is anyone cutting onions out there? Because I'm not crying, you are!

In a previous interview with Apple Music, Camila opened up about the said song she dedicated to her dad. She shared that it was about the moment in her life when her father first saw her finally dating.

"My dad hadn't seen me dating or whatever. He was just like very sensitive about it," Camila said.

"I think that's the first time that he really felt that. And so he felt really protective over me, and I just think that is the sweetest thing."

The "Havanna" singer described the song that is going to be like a wine for her, which will be more meaningful as time goes on even when she reached the age of 90.

Aside from the emotional performance, Camila is also present in the 2020 Grammys as she is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance alongside Shawn Mendes for their hit song "Señorita."

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