Royal Insult: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Exit 'Hurtful And Insulting' to Monarchy, U.K.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked the world when they decided to take step back from their royal duties. They wanted a life outside of the spotlight, but fans around the world are divided about it. 

Many have applauded the couple for being brave enough to turn their back on their "royal life" of privileges. After being under the scrutiny of the British media and constant public commentaries, the couple continues to fight for their love and what they believe in. However, there are also those who think it was an insult to the royal family. 

Prince Harry and Meghan's Announcement

Following their extended vacation from royal duties towards the end of 2019, the Sussexes came back with a life-changing announcement. They dropped the bombshell when made a lengthy social media post about their decision. 

"After months of reflection and internal discussions, we have decided to make this year our transition year in carving out a progressive new role in the royal family. We intend to step back as senior members of the royal family and live financially independent. We continue to support the Queen and all her endeavors," their statement reads.

Queen Elizabeth II, who was not consulted about the decision, called for a family meeting at the Sandringham Estate. They discussed the next steps and other details of the decision.

After the crisis meeting, the Queen issued a statement to show support to the couple's decision. She also announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use their HRH titles. 

Hurtful And Insulting

Among the many experts that weighed in on the now infamous Megxit is Ulrika Jonsson, who used to date Prince Edward back in the 80s. She shared her personal opinion in a piece for The Sun.

While she admitted that she got enthusiastic and at the same time emotional when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, Jonsson wrote that 18 months down the line, she could only imagine how the population felt when they found out about the Sussexes' decision.

Jonsson expressed her disappointment and felt that the royal couple has turned their backs on the United Kingdom.

"It feels like it was a kick in the teeth," she added. 

Jonsson continued by saying that it would have been understandable if it came with a long-term plan.

"How it looks like now is that Meghan re-read the membership rules and decided that it cramped her style," Jonsson said. Furthermore, she shared that it was as if Meghan had second thoughts about her exposure to being a royal because she did not expect it to come with so much responsibility.

Meghan's exposure as a member of the royal family has given her access to significant humanitarian work. At the same time, it has given her fame on a level that would have been impossible to achieve even if she remained in Hollywood

In Jonsson's opinion, Meghan's initial sense of charitable ambition and goodwill were overtaken by her refusal to take on critique and opinion. The cost of being in the limelight can be blinding. Jonsson asserted that by trying out to be contented, finding a niche life for themselves, the Sussexes have guaranteed a lifetime of critique and judgment. 

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