Piano Lessons in Miami

Why study music? These days, it has become very common to read about music programs being canceled by many schools. Yet, it is a well-known fact that music is a very important subject for children (and adults!) to learn. Playing the piano is a powerful aid in stress relief, in brain development and in increasing human contact and connections. All of the vital elements for our health and well-being.

Why play the piano?

By learning to play the piano, you not only learn to enjoy the feeling of producing beautiful sounds, but you also learn to make your own musical compositions. This allows your own personality to come through and your creativity to shine.

Unlock your own or your child's potential and start them learning to play the piano in Miami today

Kids who learn to play the piano enjoy:

  • Embracing other cultures by becoming familiar with their sounds and music

  • Developing active listening skills which can benefit them in a wide variety of situations

  • Exploring and expressing emotions and feelings through sound

  • A better understanding of who they are

What can you learn from piano lessons in Miami?

Many essential skills develop in those who learn to play the piano. Among these are:

  • Sharper concentration

  • Perseverance

  • Discipline

  • Time management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Increased memory capacity

  • Increased aural awareness

In short, playing the piano is good for your physical and mental health.

Playing the piano allows you to live a more beautiful, happy and enjoyable life. Give your child the gift of playing the piano by enrolling them today in piano lessons in Miami at the Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez Piano Academy.

Are you looking for the best piano instructor in Miami?

Few people have the training and skill that Eric Gottlieb has, making him one of the most experienced piano instructors in Miami. Don´t waste time looking for schools or instructors that will not deliver on what you are expecting: an instructor that can take your piano playing to the next level, no matter your expertise at this time.

Are you interested in piano instruction for different level players?

Once again, look no further than the Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez Music Academy. All levels and all ages are welcome. Making instruction fun, and with a great deal of patience, you will be sure to enjoy each and every one of your lessons.

Do private sessions work better than more structured ones?

Of course, everyone is different and everyone has a different way to learn and to enjoy music. However, to get the best results, private sessions are highly recommended

What type of music can I learn?

Classical and modern are both a possibility. However, you may select your favorite genre. Do you enjoy Broadway musicals? Is country music more your style? Are you a fan of contemporary romantic ballads? Start by mastering the basics and understanding what it means to play the piano, and move on to more interesting pieces that suit your taste.

Where can I schedule an appointment to get started?

Schedule an appointment by calling (305) 308-6962 or by registering today at the Eric Gottlieb Music Academy. Eric Gottlieb will go to your home and get you started playing piano right away! This is your time to make your or your child's dream to play the piano a reality. 

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