Lili Reinhart Felt 'So Gross' After Doing THIS to Zac Efron

For someone like Lili Reinhart, doing something blatant is a big no-no when you are a famous person. But in her case, she did something "gross" to Zac Efron before she became famous.

In a recent interview with Allure, the 23-year-old "Riverdale" actress revealed that she secretly took a photo of the now-32-year-old "The Greatest Showman" star, Zac, when she was still not in the entertainment industry.

Lili recalled how she sat inside a Cheesecake Factory before her audition when she was 15 and eventually losing the part since she failed the trial.

However, when her career seemed to be not working in any way that time, she spotted Zac while she was waiting in the doctor's clinic. Lili admitted that she sneaked in to take a picture of the actor, who was widely popular then because of "High School Musical," in her excitement.

"I feel so gross about it now," she said after she recalled how she invaded Zac's privacy that day years ago. 

Since she became a famous actress, Lili recognized how being popular gave her a different perspective in providing celebrities and other people the boundaries when it comes to respecting their space and privacy. 

She learned her lesson now, and it all thanks to her decade-long career experience that brought her name to the spotlight.  

What She Thinks About Popularity

Lili currently has over 22 million followers on her social media, and her character as Betty Cooper on the sought-after series "Riverdale" made her even more well-known. But despite all of those recognitions she gets, she confessed that there is a downside of being famous after all.

"It's so weird. I don't really think about it until I'm around people. I don't think about it until I see young women, because those are the people that recognize me," she opened up. "Then, all of a sudden, I become very aware."

The young actress shared in the same interview that it is exceptional when celebrities find people who are regularly taking their pictures. However, if the acts will be done without their knowledge or consent, it can make the stars "super uncomfortable and overwhelming."

Lili added that taking pictures secretly not only makes everything flattering but also turns the one who takes the photo into a zoo animal.

"Even when I'm sitting in the cast green room, if [someone is] holding their phone up like this, I'm like, 'What are you doing?' I've become very paranoid," she went on.

In the end, because of all the inconveniences she has to face in order to deal with her fans who keep on invading her privacy, she started to see fame as a "side effect" to her success and not something she enjoys.

Lili is expected to get more popular and bring in more fans to her fanclub once "Chemical Hearts," the movie adaptation of the Yong Adult novel "Our Chemical Hearts" finally premieres this year.

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