Meghan Markle ENRAGED Over This: 'Don't Blame Me!'


Even after their departure, Meghan Markle continues to feel the unfair and inconsiderate treatment from the royal family.

When Meghan and Prince Harry dropped their bombshell announcement about them stepping back as senior members of the royal family, it was immediately called "Megxit" -- in reference to Meghan's name and the "Royal Exit."

However, the Duchess of Sussex does not approve it as she feels she is being blamed for everything.

Don't Call It That Way!

Megxit was also based on the "Brexit" term that was created when Britain cut ties with the European Union.

But when it became the official tag of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' departure, a royal expert claimed that Meghan disapproved the use of the nickname.

According to Dan Wootton, the Duchess felt like she was at fault for the decision since "Megxit" was made using her name. The royal expert then went on and suggested that the royal couple should take equal blame after they made the choice together rather than one or the other.

In his one-on-one interview with royal commentator Lizzie Cundy, Wootton took the chance to unveil that Meghan would want the term to be "Sussexit" instead.

However, Cundy argued and insisted that it deserves to be called that way since it was really Meghan who caused Prince Harry cut his ties with his beloved royal family. She added that if the Duke never met Meg, he would still be staying and living in the United Kingdom and would not be an additional headache to Queen Elizabeth II.

"Prince Harry is a grown man, why blame Meghan, Lizzie Cundy," the royal expert fought back. "Why not blame Harry or blame them equally?"

Cundy did not give up and opened up how Prince Harry's friends claimed that the Duke changed ever since he met the Duchess. But still, she later on realized that the royal prince is also responsible for making the decision, and he chose to be with his wife and child Archie.

How "Megxit" Stormed the Internet

The term Megxit is a portmanteau of the words "Meghan" and "exit" while playing on the term "Brexit."

On the same day of Prince Harry and Meghan's departure, The Sun branded the whole scene "Megxit" before it went viral and got widely adapted online.

Aside from The Sun, The New York Times also played a massive role in spreading the nickname.

On Jan. 15, the publication published the article "'Megxit' Is The New Brexit in a Britain Split by Age And Politics" which stated, "As the Harry-and-Meghan drama unfolds in breathless headlines and acres of news commentary, it is resurfacing the same questions that animated the Brexit debate."

In addition, even Meera Selva, the director of the Reuters Journalism Fellowship Program at Oxford University, shared her thoughts.

"With Brexit, Britain is choosing to leave the European Union, and yet with Megxit, there is this outrage that someone is choosing to leave Britain."

Meanwhile, though BBC News tried to popularize the alternative term "Sussexit," it failed to reach the same level of use as "Megxit" online.

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