Hailey Baldwin Shares How a 'Party Trick' Led To Marrying Justin Bieber

Model Hailey Baldwin owes a big thank you to Jimmy Fallon.

On Hailey's Friday appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host asked the blonde beauty if she did any party tricks while doing the cover shoot for Elle magazine. To recall, Hailey did open a bottle of Corona using her teeth on her 2018 appearance in the show.

"Did you do any party tricks?" Fallon asked. "Well, I say this because the last time you were on your show, you did something that was the most amazing ever. Everybody was talking about it, you opened your bottle with your teeth."

In an interesting development though, Hailey responded by detailing what happened after the beer-opening segment in 2018. Apparently, the next morning after the interview aired, Hailey got a "certain phone call from a certain someone.

It was none other than Justin Bieber, who reportedly called Hailey to talk about the cool act he made in Jimmy's show.

"It was really fun and there's actually another funny story behind this and that is that last time I was here, we did this little party trick where I opened a Corona bottle with my teeth," Hailey shared.

"The next morning - after the interview had aired - I got a certain phone call from a certain someone and it was a little like, 'Hey, how are you? I saw you on Jimmy Fallon last night. You were looking really good. I loved that trick that you did, I had no idea that you can do that. It was so cool.' Cut to, I'm now married to that certain someone." 

The show host then quipped, "Thank you very much. You think I'd be invited to the wedding,"

Fallon also recalled that Alec Baldwin's daughter initially met the former YouTube sensation when she was only 13 years old in 2009.

"I know it sounds like this weird arranged marriage situation. We met because my dad, he brought me to the 'Today' show when Justin performed there. He was no more than 15, I think," Baldwin said.

When the host asked if she was a "Belieber" back then, Hailey admitted that she was not and, in fact, does not know a lot about Biebs back then.

According to Hailey, Justin's mom and her dad instantly connected as friends that the Baldwin's invited them over to their house the next day for dinner and then went bowling.

After being months of an on-again, off-again relationship, Justin and Hailey rekindled their romance in April 2018. Later that September, the two secretly tied the knot in a New York courthouse ceremony.

A year later, they married again in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their family and friends in South Carolina.

A Better Man With Hailey

On the other hand, while promoting for his new album "Changes," Justin Bieber opened up about his wife and spoke candidly how Hailey made him a better man after having a few rough years.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Bieber revealed that while dating Hailey, he was unsure if he could remain utterly faithful to her.

"I am still hurt, I am still trying to discover my path, and I am not ready to commit to you," he said before adding that he was focused on himself, trying to make the right decisions and become a better person overall.0

Although he was already done with the past, Bieber only said it because he wanted to be honest with Hailey Baldwin.

Above all, Bieber credited his wife as a massive reason as to why he is now a better person. He also credited her for tying it all together for him, emphasizing that there would be no Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin story without the 23-year-old model loving him unconditionally.

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