Supermodel turned talk show host Tyra Banks is reportedly going into the theme park business. 

Her beauty them park will be named "ModelLand" and is set to open in Santa Monica, California, on May 1. 

Last year, she announced the idea and said it would be modelled after her 2010 series of young adult books based on her life, as reported by FOX.

The iconic supermodel behind "America's Next Top Model" said, "I am excited to bring ModelLand to my hometown in Los Angeles after dreaming about it for so many years."

She added, "I always loved discovering unique and barrier-breaking talent on 'America's Next  Top Model' and I wanted to give that same love to everyone, so I created a physical space to do that."

"ModelLand" will take 21,000-square-foot space, and it aims to "bring modelling to the masses." It will include retail and dining options.

According to Banks, she's inspired by Walt Disney, who created a legacy brand and destination that "exists beyond his time on earth and continues to delight people of all ages through fantasy and story."

Similar to the concept of Disneyland, the Victoria's Secret angel's idea is a positive and fantasy version of the rigors of a career in the high-stakes world of fashion. 

In her theme park, guests will be able to explore an interactive, high-tech environment that draws from "the worlds of beauty, fashion and entertainment."

"I wanted ModelLand to go beyond just a place to go to, but to be a place to feel emotion."

Banks want it each person who goes to the park to go there and interact and focus on themselves because it's all about them.

It's about "modelling for the masses," according to Tyra Banks. 

It's not going to be an Instagram-friendly pop-up experiment since they plan on keeping it as a permanent attraction. By then, there will be an elevated social media component that will allow for their global community to engage and get delightful tastes of ModelLand.

If you're wondering how long was it in the making, Banks' theme park has been in the works for ten very intense years. 

"I've kept it close to my heart and dedicated a lot of energy and time to it - qualitative and quantitative research," Banks boasted. 

ModelLand is not just a place for Banks but is a "movement" despite it being an attraction and destination. 

"It's the genesis for people with all types of different beauty to feel seen and validated."

The "Tyra Banks Show" host wants her model-themed park to empower, embrace, celebrate and adorn unique beauties in ways "they never thought possible."

LA Times reported that tickets for the attraction are already on sale. 

General access tickets, excluding additional fees, start at $39 for children and $59 for adults. 

There's also an option to have a "Fantascene Photoshoot" which costs $549, including a photoshoot, treats, hair styling, wardrobe change and more. 

However, a more expensive package, "Fantascene Dream" is at $1,496. 

With this option, visitors will be treated to a personal consultation with a fashion and beauty expert, and handmade ModelLand elixir, more photographs and more wardrobe changes. 

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