Soccer Star Alex Morgan 'Scared' Of Giving Birth Because Of THIS!

Alex Morgan is due to give birth in the coming weeks, and she is excited to see her baby girl. 

However, the coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented situations for hospitals and expectant mothers. In the desire to minimize people who may be exposed to the virus, hospitals have limited the number of people who can come to the hospital. 

And because her due date comes amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the soccer star may have to give birth alone. Her husband might not be allowed to be there with her. 

During her tell-all interview with Glamour magazine, Alex opened up about the possibility of giving birth to her first child without husband Servando Carrasco by her side. She revealed that the thought of it is simply unimaginable. 

"That definitely scared me," Morgan admitted. The 30-year old expectant mom said that she heard several hospitals have barred pregnant women from giving birth with their partners with them in the delivery room. This was their way to combat the possible spread of the coronavirus. 

"I wouldn't feel comfortable giving birth without my husband or my doula, but especially my husband," the expectant mom added. 

Her original birth plan was to give birth via natural delivery. She explained to the outlet that she believes she can get through it after all the injuries she has had. 

"I have endured a lot of pain," Morgan said. She also believes that her exposure to pain should help her give birth without numbing her body. 

"But there is no pain like childbirth," the U.S. women's national soccer team forward admitted. "I feel like if I don't experience that, I'll never really know what I can do, what I'm capable of."

Now, the mom-to-be is seriously contemplating on changing her birth plan due to the pandemic. It is ultimately down to whether or not Carrasco could be there with her during childbirth. 

"That has been a big decision for me, my husband, my mother, and my team of care. What do I do?" she said. "I would love to give birth at home and have such an intense but beautiful moment of life there."

Despite all the uncertainty, this soon-to-be-mom is just excited to see her baby girl. What is even better is that she will be able to spend more time with her now that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been pushed back to 2021. 

"There are a hundred things that have been going through my mind," Alex told Glamour. "Now I have more time to deal and I'll have more time with my daughter without endless questions."

She continued on saying, "I can figure it out with a little calmer and a little more clarity. I have to look at the positive."

Morgan remains hopeful that her experience as a female athlete would serve as an inspiration to more women. She wants to show them that they can keep their career and still build their own family. Women do not need to choose because they can have both if they want to.

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