Prince Harry Still Loyal to the Queen, Forbids Meghan Markle To Do Anything Shameful To Grandma!

There might be an assumption that Prince Harry chose Meghan Markle over Queen Elizabeth, but that is hardly the reality given present developments. According to insider, despite Megxit, Prince Harry has clear instructions to his wife and to his team to never do anything that would put the Queen at a disadvantage.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry made clear instructions to his team, and even to his wife's team that any work offers that make fun of the Queen is a big NO-NO. He reportedly told their agent Nick Collins that any project that can be detrimental to the Queen will not be accepted. Regardless of how lucrative and attractive the offers would be, they will be rejected if they put the Queen at a bad light. 

It's not just the queen though. Any project that play off their connection to the royal family will not be acceptable at all. According to sources in LA, Harry is not interested in any "media war" that would just create more bad blood between him and his royal family just for big money.

These are not hypothetical offers though. According to the sources, offers have truly been pouring in, through their agent Collins. The offers are worth tens of millions of dollars, which can make the two quickly financial independent, as they wished in the past. Some offers are in line with their charity ideas while others are commercial projects. However, common to these offers is the narrative that they are royals who have chosen to step away from their royal links. This is an easy storyline, after all. 

"However, Harry has instructed his and Meghan's team to nix anything that in any way could be negative towards the royals. Essentially anything that is negative to the Queen, Prince Charles, his brother or the throne is off limits," the sources revealed. 

The sources added that even though he already abandoned the royal life, he is not abandoning his grandmother or father. 

Since the sources merely focused on Prince Harry's wishes, one can only wonder if this will remain the case deciding on offers is left to Meghan Markle only. 

Some malicious reports about Markle worried about her Hollywood dreams being shattered have emerged of late.

There are reports that she is desperate to return to acting and relaunch her career in Hollywood. According to Eric Schiffer, the chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, it will not be easy for Markle to do so, despite having the experience and the name. He said that if Markle decides to push for it, she will just cause immense embarrassment for the Royal family and trigger more public backlash.

She recently got the job of doing a voiceover for Disney's "Elephants." The job was over and done with even before Megxit became official though and the money she earned there had been donated. Her performance was also critiqued harshly, with experts claiming she sounded too cheesy. She sounded too excited and eager on some parts that did not even require that much intensity. 

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