Tied to Meghan Markle? Prince Harry 'Dependent' On Wife While in America!

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry settle into their new life in Los Angeles, there will be a lot of adjustments to be made. 

When the couple chose to leave Vancouver Island in Canada, the 35-year-old prince's immigration status became even more complicated. 

Because Canada is part of the Commonwealth, it would have been easier for him to work or live there. 

It's going to be different in the US, however. Because the Duke of Sussex needs to obtain a green card, but he would need to fast track the process by having diplomatic status. 

Immigration expert Mattero Carrera told The Telegraph that the easiest way for Prince Harry to get a visa is to be classified as a British diplomat because of his royal and financial assets. 

"With an A1 visa, he would have been able to enter the US and then adjust his status to a green card." 

If not an A1 visa, he may be on a B1/B2 tourist visa which would allow him to stay in the US for a while, but not work there. 

Another route to US citizenship is for Prince Harry to ask his wife Meghan to sponsor him as a US citizen.

"She could sponsor him as a spouse. But it's not spontaneous. There's no such thing as automatic citizenship happens later."

This process takes up to two years for a normal couple and involves a lot of paperwork, legal fees, and interviews. The Trump administration has also made it difficult for spouses of Americans to get green cards. 

If Prince Harry goes the marriage route, he would have to prove his union with the former "Suits" actress is true through joint expenses and affidavits from friends. 

Another option for the prince is to apply for a work visa on his own merits - the O-1 visa, also known as the extraordinary alien visa, which would see the prince argue that he would bring expertise to the US that would make his stay worthwhile. 

He would also need to get letters of recommendation from people he has worked with in the past, like Barack and Michelle Obama.

Alternatively, a US entity, like the Duke and Duchess' new venture, could sponsor Prince Harry so Meghan Markle wouldn't have to. 

But since they haven't announced their organization yet, that seems highly unlikely. 

While their foundation could sponsor him for permanent residence under the EB1A extraordinary category, it was reported that the spousal sponsorship is faster and easier than the rest. 

The big question many royal fans are asking is if the Duke of Sussex can become an American. 

If his green card application has been approved, Prince Harry will be eligible to become a US citizen in the next three years.

Unfortunately, he would have to give up his royal title entirely and take an oath of allegiance to the United States, which is something his grandmother, the Queen of England, might never approve of. 

There have also been claims that the couple could discuss with Trump so they could receive US taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection.

It was recently reported that it's only the POTUS who could decide if the couple would need security agents for their lifestyle, since as of March 31, Prince Harry is no longer classified as an "international protected person" after stepping down as a senior member of the royal family together with his wife. 

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