Royal Perfectionist: The REAL Reason Why Prince Harry Joined Meghan Markle In Disney Recording

Prince Harry has already proven that he could be a real-life Prince by dropping his royal title and leaving his family behind to have a happily ever after with his wife, Meghan Markle.

But recent revelations prove that the 35-year-old Duke of Sussex could not only be Meghan's knight in shining armor, but also a real caring husband who wants to be involved in her endeavours.

Before the ex-royal couple officially stepped down as senior members of the royal family, Disney has confirmed the long-running speculations that the 38-year-old Duchess has signed a voiceover deal with them.

On March 26, Disney Plus revealed that the former "Suits" actress acted as narrator in the movie called "Elephant." It is a "Disneynature" feature that follows the journey of an elephant mother who travels across the Kalahari Desert together with her calf.

Meghan's first official post-royal hustle was launched last April 3 when her soothing voice was heard like a pro-mom narrating bedtime story to her kids. It is safe to say that the Duchess nailed her first voiceover performance, but this is not only because of her magnificent voice.

Apparently, Prince Harry had a huge role in making it a success.

Prince Harry's Role

Even before dropping their bombshell announcement and before the so-called "Megxit" becomes official, Meghan has already recorded her top-secret voiceover project. It all took place at London's Pinewood Studios back in October 2019.

Meghan did not come alone though, as her ever-supportive husband went to the recording studio with her. Prince Harry did not only come to give Meghan moral support but also to serve as her coach from time-to-time.

Disney's director and producer revealed that Harry watched Meghan while waiting from the "cheap seats" and gave valuable inputs, particularly on the delivery of her words.

"We had Harry from the cheap seats in the back sort of suggesting some alternative pronunciations," documentary director Mark Linfield told Entertainment Tonight.

It turns out that Prince Harry's frequent exposure in South Africa was put to Meghan's advantage in recording the documentary narration.

The documentary producer Vanessa Berlowitz explained: "Only on the African words because obviously he's spent so much time in Botswana."

Harry knows very well that all eyes will be on Meghan when this particular project would be launched, so he made sure to give her extra boost and tips to make her first post-royal deal a perfection.

But wait there is more, as the couple's 11-month-old son Archie Harrison was also present to give the Sussex matriarch an extra inspiration. Disney producer Roy Conlu noted that the baby boy was "still a wee lad" during the recording session.

Meghan And Harry's Post Royal Life

Currently, the Sussexes are in Los Angeles, California and reportedly set up a permanent base at Meghan's native city to commence their newfound private and independent life.

They recently announced the name of their new charitable institution, which is a subtle nod to their son's name. The couple's non-profit organization will be called "Archewell" but will not be launched anytime soon.

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