Who's Struggling? Kate MIddleton and Prince William Prove They Have THIS Under Control During Coronavirus Crisis

The world might be worried about the future as it fights one of the most threatening crisis to have ever happened in history, but Duchess Kate is not going to let misery and gloom affect her children. Kate Middleton and Prince William, while busy sending positive light to the British so that their spirits remain uplifted, are also doing everything they can to keep their three children preoccupied, and more importantly, happy. 

Is there anything she cannot do, though? Kate Middleton is showing that despite having three kids with her on this very uncertain time, not only can she very hands-on with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, she can still fulfill her obligations as a royal. 

Her hands-on time with the children is nothing to be scoffed a though. She and William are literally making the coronavirus quarantine feel like an extended vacation for and with the kids. There's nothing bad about making sure one's kids retain their child-like spirit and productivity during a crisis, after all. 

"Kate bakes and decorates cakes with the kids [on] the weekend to keep them entertained. The kitchen is always a complete mess by the end of it, but it's all part of the fun - that's how Kate sees it," a source shared to Us Weekly exclusively. While most women will just crumble with the sheer amount of cleaning up and shouting that will entail, Kate seems to have all things under control. 

"They also enjoy gardening together and planting seeds," the source added.


The insider revealed that Kate did not expect things will turn out that well at home, though. Instead, she's counting her blessings that her kids are the kind of siblings that just can get on so well. Otherwise, a very different scenario will turn out among her 6-, 4-, and 2-year old children.  

The three are just naturally inclined to help each other out - an indication of how well they have been raised. Reportedly, George is helping Charlotte out with her gymnastics so the two are always doing all sorts of moves - from cartwheels to headstands. Sometimes, Louis even joins them.

Prince William has his fair share of bonding and work with the kids too. While Kate takes on the homeschooling and playtime activities, William teaches them some lessons and organize games for the three. 

Louis, who will be turning two on April 23, is unlikely to have a big celebration, given present coronavirus situation. This has already been embraced by the royal family. They will celebrate it instead of an intimate gathering. If the weather aligns with their wishes, they'll probably have BBQ and some outdoor sports play.

As said, even with all the time and effort they had been pouring to their three children, the two have not forgotten their royal duties. According to Daily Mail UK, Prince William and Kate Middleton even carried out a video call to school children whose parents are frontliners. They managed to uplift the young ones' spirits, but in return, their spirits were emboldened too when the children handed them a virtual bouquet. 


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