Did Kate Middleton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything could be tweaked, edited, or enhanced. With the latest technology, we can even change our physical appearance from cheekbones, nose lines, lips, and more.

While the idea of plastic surgery and facial enhancement is quite normal in some parts of the world, there is still a stigma when it comes to people, especially women, going under the knife to enhance their beauty.

Just like what they say: "In a world full of Kardashians, be a Kate Middleton." While the phrase compares both female personalities' overall traits, it is easy to assume that it is targeted at having an all-natural beauty from head-to-toe.

People admire Kate, not only for her elegant style but also for her royal beauty. Because of her undeniable charm, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to be a perfect candidate to be the next Queen of the British monarchy.

However, are we really sure that the ever beautiful Duchess of Cambridge is walking in this world with an "all-natural" beauty? Beauty guru Lorry Hill thinks otherwise.

In her recent YouTube entry, the Las Vegas-based fashion and beauty vlogger shared her thoughts on Kate Middleton's ageless beauty.

Lorry gushed over the 38-year-old Duchess' "wide and sincere smile, voluminous hair, and athletic figure." She expressed her belief that Kate's makeup and styling make a huge impact on her overall appearance.

But after reviewing Kate's photos and studiying her physical appearance evolution, the anti-plastic surgery stigma advocate set the record straight on the undying rumors that the Duchess had plastic surgery. 

Kate Middleton's Nose Job?

"Kate Middleton's nose was the most requested celebrity nose surgery of 2012 in the U.K," Lorry said.

While Kate's nose looks nice and proportion to her face, there are still tremendous rumors that she had multiple nose jobs. Nonetheless, after carefully studying her looks over the years, Lorry concluded that the Duchess weight played a role in her nose appearance.

"Sometimes, weight loss tends to change the look of the face, and that can sometimes fool people into thinking that your nose has changed when in fact, it's the same shape and size as it's always been," Lorry explained.

When it comes to the Duchess' body, the beauty guru said that the 5-foot-10 royal beauty did not undergo any body procedure and claimed that her thin figure can only be due to stress.

Other Plastic Surgery Procedure

Despite having a natural nose and body, Lorry Hill believes that Prince William's wife had several facial enhancements to achieve that ageless beauty at 38.

"I think that Kate Middleton gets botox to her face, specifically to her forehead, crow's feet and bunny line," Lorry said.

"I also think that she may use fillers to soften up her smile lines and nasolabial folds."

It could be recalled that in 2019, the Buckingham Palace denied the rumors that Kate had a "baby botox" procedure.

The beauty guru also claimed that the Duchess is not spending that much money on her beauty enhancements. She calculated that Kate only paid an estimated amount of $4,000 to $6,000 for botox and derma fillers.

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