Sofia Richie Heartbreak: Scott Disick Too Old For Her?

Fans are presently shocked at the sudden split between Sofia Richie and Scott Disick. They seemed so happy, dating for nearly three years now. To say the fans were blindsided is an understatement. While the real reason is being speculated, one of the strong possibilities is that it has to do with their age gap.

Earlier this year, Sofie Richie even talked about the age gap with Cosmpolitan UK. At the time, the couple was still happily together, so one cannot help but wondered what happened within five months for them to split. Did the 16-year-age gap between them cause issues?

On her interiew, Richie told Cosmopolitan UK what she truly feels about this highly feasted upon age gap. According to her, she has this weird inclination to not care about what people think. Even if people doubt her relationship with Scott, who also shares three kids with Kourtney Kardashian, she claimed that she's too happy to care. 

"[I have] this weird thing where I just don't care what people think," Sofia relayed to the magazine. "[People talking about us] doesn't bother me because I'm very happy. Why would I let someone from the middle of nowhere ruin that for me?"

The two quarantined together at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and at the end of April, the two were even spotted at a beach together. With all this time together, could the differences in behaviors due to age has become just too much?

It can only be a speculation for now, unless the two revealed their true reason behind the fizzling out of their romance in just a few weeks after their beach trip.

On the other hand, if age is not the reason, Scott's recent stint at a treatment center in Colorado on April 28 to address specific emotional issues that have not been treated in the past over the death of his pages in 2013 and 2014 could be the reason as well. Some would say maybe Scott realizes he wants to be Kourtney Kardashian now.

It is not that far-fetched since the two never really lost touch over the years. The two have remained close to each other, and Disick remained a good friend of the Kardashian family.

In fact, Scott Disick received a decked out birthday bash from the controversial family after he split up with Sofia Richie. There's no reason o make up rumors about why the Kardashianswould throw him a party so soon after his breakup. It can simply mean that his kids want to spend time with him on his birthday.

On the other hand, there are those determined to catch clues that Disick and Kourtney are reconciling anytime soon. One of these clues revolves around ill-timing. 

According to some, it's fishy that the exact same time that the breakup news dropped, Scott decided to hit Instagram for the first time since April to show him spending time with Kourndy by a pool! Talk about fishy timing

Page Six even reported that if Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are not reconciling, Kourtney sill played a hand at making Richie break things off. According to Page Six , Sofia ended things because she was already tired of all the ill treatment she is experiencing from Kourtney.

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