On Monday, Mary-Kate Olsen filed for divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Olivier Sarkozy, and more details of why they split have recently surfaced. 

After reports about him wanting the fashion mogul to be a stay-at-home wife and not wanting to have any more kids, something that was important to her, new source claim that Olivier also tried to get Mary-Kate to agree to let his ex-wife and kids live with them. 

According to a report by Page Six, the French banker was reportedly very concerned for the safety of his family in New York during the coronavirus pandemic, so he thought moving his ex into his home in the middle of divorce was a smart idea

Though Mary-Kate understood that letting his kids stay with them at their Bridgehampton mansion, the fashionista believes that inviting Charlotte Sarkozy to their $5 million Bridgehampton home and moving in was over the line. 

Their source said, "Maybe French people culturally have a different view of marriage, and while Mary-Kate loves his children, it was too much to have his ex-wife living with them during the pandemic."

They further said, "Would you want the ex-wife living with you for an unforeseeable amount of time in the middle of a crisis?" 

But when Mary-Kate Olsen left officially, Olivier was quick to invite his ex and their kids to Bridgehampton. 

A second source told the publication, "The moment Mary-Kate drove out of the driveway in April, Olivier had his mother, kids, and wait for this.... Charlotte, his ex-wife, move in to keep them in a safer place away from COVID." 

"There's no romance between Charlotte and Olivier, and he wants to keep everyone, including Charlotte, safe." 

The source shared that Charlotte has been around in their Hamptons home during holidays or special occasions, but she would be staying in a separate bedroom. 

They also claim that Olivier and Charlotte are putting their children first, because "in their French way, family comes first, even with a divorce."

In a 2010 report, it was revealed that Charlotte and Olivier Sarkozy's divorce was messy. However, they remained on good terms. 

"His first divorce was smooth. French law had allowed him to give her a tiny amount, 10%, but he gave her 50%," numerous reports said. 

"He and Charlotte and on good, very friendly terms." 

Speaking about Mary-Kate and Olivier's split, the real reason for it was "simply erosion" or "growing apart," said the Page Six insider.  

The tipster confirmed that nobody cheated, and no betrayal has happened, but "the couple just runs their course."

Olivier's plan of moving in his family was his way of finally moving on, which was the final straw for Mary-Kate, the source also shared. 

Sources of the news portal further claimed that Olivier Sarkozy was the one who ended their marriage by officially canceling their lease on the Gramercy Park apartment without the famous twin's knowledge. 

Once Mary-Kate Olsen has finally left Bridgehampton, she stayed at their multi-million-dollar estate in the Hamptons. 

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