Meghan Markle Heartbreak: 'Where is Meghan?' Trends As She IGNORES Protests

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already in the United States and yet, while Queen Elizabeth made an effort to comment on the Black Lives Matter protests, thee two remained silent on what is happening right on their present turf. Analysts are baffled, as it would have been the perfect opportunity to have let their presence felt.

But no.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex preferred to stay the whole duration of Blackout Tuesday offline from their Sussex Royal Instagram page. It is not implausible that their millions of followers struggled to  hear a peep from them. 

They did not bother. They did not use their social media, nor other possible methods to address the demonstrations, which are increasingly violent, sweeping in the United States.

It can be noted that the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, which is managed by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Meghan, has taken to both Twitter and Instagram to share the very apt and very touching Martin Luther King quote. This quote reads, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

this is not enough. People expected more, but their general quiet is surprising. One Twitter user expressed his thoughts on the matter. 
"Meghan Markle has stayed annoyingly quiet during all of this... and it is really bugging me." Apparently, he is not the only one as many others followed suit. "Wondering why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are quiet about the racism occurring in the US?'"

One user cannot believe that Markle is choosing the present time to be quiet. She pointed that in the resurfaced campaign video from 2012, Meghan Markle talked lengthily of her racist experiences, and yet now that she can do something as basic as condemn it, she is nowhere to be found. 

One Instagram user questioned: 'Are there any recent pics and appearances? I think the sussexroyal account is dormant right now. Do Harry and Meghan have a new account somewhere?'  

In an old clip o the Duchess, she is speaking for the non-profit organization, "Erase the Hate." On this video, she talked about hoping to see the world be more open to seeing the beauty of a "mixed world." She was not married to Prince Harry here yet, nor have even met him.

In the said video, she opened about the racial slurs she heard thrown at her and even her own mom. Therefore, she felt compelled to want tings to be better.

And yet now that her life is truly better compared to her back in 2012, she is not walking the talk.

Meanwhile, most celebrities and musicians have spoken out against George Floyd's death and the reports this has triggered. They protested quietly during the Blackout Tuesday by blacking out their social media profiles.

At present, hundreds have gathered around for a Black Lives Matter vigil in Skeleton Park. Most who are in the vigil carried signs displaying "No justice, no peace" and "I am not a threat."

George Floyd died of police brutality, mainly because he is Black. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should step up and speak up soon.

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