Celebrities are officially joining the protests against George Floyd's death. Instead of going into the streets, however, celebrities such as Chris Brown, Lizzo, Britney Spears, and many more blacked out their social media to show their protest against the unfair and unreasonable death of Floyd.

According to Chris Brown, his heart is certainly with those calling for justice on this so unnecessary death. George Floyd in the middle of a pandemic, bu not because of the dreaded virus. 

Taking to his Instagram to upload a black square along with a black heart emoji, Brown officially joined the so-called Blackout Tuesday. This is the demonstration designed to interrupt 'business as usual" within the music industry after the crime committed against George Floyd. 

This is not the only involvement of Brown on the protest, though, as he is obviously bothered and affected by what had transpired. This posting of a black square on his Instagram account came days after he shared a video of Black Lives Matter protests.

The protestors on the video were kneeling with their fists raised and repeating George Floyd's repeatedly. Even though he merely shared the video, his message and desire to be involved in the discussions clear.

Joining Blackout Tuesday is his ticket.

Apart from Chris Brown, another popular figure in the music industry, Lizzo voiced out her emotions in an impromptu Instagram Live. She got so emotional that she shed some tears while doing the video too.

"There are beautiful people - they didn't ask for any of this. All they asked for," Lizzo said on her story, before stopping for a bit and wiping tears from her face.

"All they asked for was justice," she added after regaining her composure. "All these people say not all cops are bad cops. I would love to see the good cops," she added.

If Brown's message is short and sweet, Lizzo's is full of hope. After crying about what happened and sharing her sadness, she said that she still has hope for the future. She said she truly believes in the good in people.

Not black, Britney Spears is one of those who participated in the protests. After all, the outrage should not be limited to the affected group only. All Americans are affected when it comes to the issue of police brutality. 

Not even Blackout Tuesday, Britney Spears posted on Instagram ahead to express her desire to help. She explained what she is doing to help and revealed that her heart is truly breaking.

She then encouraged her fans to participate in #Blackout Tuesday because she will. In the message, she also posted some information that people who would like to donate to relevant organizations, can use to donate.

Apart from the three, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Drake, DJ Khaled and many more called for justice.

To recall, George Floyd died because a white police officer, Derek Chavin, decided that kneeling on his neck would be the best way to" restrain" him. He continued to kneel or a total of nine minutes even when Floyd was already shouting that he cannot breathe. Floyd succumbed to death at the hospital.

Even though Chauvin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder, the protests now showed that this punishment is not enough.