Jennifer Aniston Baby Heartbreak: Brad Pitt and Her Fantasize About Parenting After All

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt back together and planning a family now? Maybe not yet. However, a new report revealed that they have both wanted a child in the past and even practiced being parents so they can be prepared when that fated day comes.

Unfortunately, the whole world knows that this did not happen. 

According to Globe June 29 Issue, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were not able to have a child of their own despite being married for five years, but they had a "secret daughter." Intriguing. 

Sydney looks a lot like Brad Pitt, but she is not his kid with Jennifer Aniston. She's not his kid, at all. Instead, she's Brad's niece and yet loved like the actor's own. 

Who knew that with Sydney, Jennifer Aniston can enjoy some time being a mom? Both Jen and Brad treat the kid like their own and not just because they're the aunt and the uncle. They truly had this fantasy and it helps that Sydney looked a lot like the actor. 

The insider even said that it helped them understand what it would have been like if their baby dreams were already coming true. 

It was not impossibly hard for Jen to have emotions for Sydney even if she is not her blood kin, too. Sydney was born around the time the actress and the actor started to date. When Brad brought Jennifer to meet his family, Sydney was just a tiny human being who captured everyone's hearts. This does not exempt Jennifer.

According to the source, "Brad and Jen like to think they'd have had a girl just like Sydney, and that they might have even grown up together."

The bond between aunt Jen and Sydney even lasted until after the divorce. When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became an item, Sydney still calls Jen her aunt. This even said to have pissed Jolie off to no end.

Brad Pitt cannot do anything about it though. He has a really soft spot for his niece. When Sydney graduated with an architecture degree, Brad Pitt could not be any prouder, as if his own has graduated! He gave her the keys to his mansion and his beloved Tesla. Not everyone can just trust any of their kins with one's house and car, but BRad Pitt notably trusts his kin.

This is probably hardest for Jennifer Aniston. Although for years, the media has been making a ruckus about her not being a mom, and she has kept defending her choice, to the pride of women looking up to her, it becomes different when she actually desired to be a mom after all. 

Although she NEVER said she did. In an interview with Vogue in the aftermath of the divorce, she said it is unfair to say Brad and her separated because of having no kids. Men will not be questioned like that while women have to bear the scrutiny and judgement. She then told Vanity Fair that she never said she does not want kids. In an 2018 Elle interview however, she said the idea of having kids frightened her. Well, she's allowed to change her mind in hindsight. 

More so when tabloids have been repeatedly saying this is the reason why Pitt moved on to Angelina Jolie, who not only adopted children but also gave Brad Pitt children of his own. 

Now that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are talking once more and reportedly seeing each other, people are wondering if they can go after this halted dream of theirs. While it sounds impossible, one person reportedly unhappy about the possibility is Angelina Jolie.

In a weird move, alleged by some sources, the "Maleficent" actress banned Aniston to see any of Pitt's children with her, probably for fear that this would again, fuel some fantasies of them being parents to the kids. Jolie even filed a new case to get the sole custody of their kids, claiming Pitt does not prioritize the kids, which devastated the actor. 

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