Royal Power: Meghan Markle Destined To CLASH With Queen Elizabeth II?

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and joined the British royal family, she was warmly welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. In fact, it was the Prince of Wales who walked Meghan down the aisle in the absence of her father Thomas Markle.

Despite that, however, Prince Charles reportedly knew that the good days of Meghan in the monarchy won't last. After all, he believes there is only one room for a "queen" in the royal family.

According to royal author Nigel Cawthorne -- who penned the book "Prince Andrew, Epstein and the Palace" -- Prince Charles "foresaw" the problems with the addition of Meghan in the family (per Fabulous via The Sun).

"I think he likes strong women, but in The Firm there is only room for one Queen," Cawthorne said of Prince Charles, referring to the arrival of Meghan.

"I think he foresaw considerable problems ahead for The Firm. Harry and Meghan amplified the popularity of the royal family in the way that Prince Andrew and Fergie did at the time."

The royal author, however, noted that Prince Charles probably liked the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan from The Firm since it prevents "a constellation of stars in separate orbits" -- suggesting that the Sussexes could have wanted all the attention, which would have divided the royal family.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Royal Exit 

To recall, Prince Harry and Meghan announced their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family last January. It was then made official in April after they served their final royal engagements.

In their announcement, the Sussexes noted that they want to live a private life and become financially independent from the royal family. Their initial plan was to continue serving the Queen in a smaller capacity while living their own life away from the scrutinizing eyes of the British press.

However, Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy did not approve of the idea, noting that Prince Harry and Meghan were either in or out of the royal family -- no in-between. The Queen then stripped them off of their HRH titles, though they remained the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

After their exit, Prince Harry and Meghan departed to Los Angeles where they plan to jumpstart their post-royal life. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their moves have been halted.

Queen Elizabeth II Welcomed Meghan Markle Warmly

While Prince Charles is probably right about the possible clashing between Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan had the latter stayed longer in the royal family, it is worth mentioning that Her Majesty welcomed the former "Suits" actress with open arms.

In fact, according to royal author Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan was given "greater privileges" than any other royal fiancee in the history of the British monarchy -- even more than Kate Middleton.

"The Royal Family went out of their way to embrace [Meghan] in a way that they have never gone out of their way to embrace anybody else," Lady C told Daily Star Online.

"Meghan was the only fiancée that was ever asked to Windsor before the wedding, and she was the only newlywed who was invited by the Queen to accompany her on a daily engagement."

Campbell also pointed out that Meghan was the only newlywed who was invited to stand with the Queen at the Buckingham Palace -- proof that Her Majesty liked the strong-willed and highly opinionated American.

It remains to be seen if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will still return to the royal family. However, if Prince Charles is right about his prediction, then the Sussexes' exit might do more good than harm for both sides in the long run.

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