Kelly Clarkson Pain: Singer Gets Honest About Heartbreaking Divorce

Was Kelly Clarkson blindsided by her own divorce?

The singer and host filed for a divorce in June, and she's now revealing that she did not anticipate this event in her life at all.

On Monday, during her very first in-studio taping since the coronavirus forced studios to close back in March, Clarkson addressed her divorce with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

The divorce was filed and announced in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, so even though news outlets were covering it, the public has not heard the singer talk about it so openly. 

Speaking with a virtual audience, Clarkson shared how 2020 changed her life.

"As you probably know, 2020 has brought a lot of change also to my personal life," "The Kelly Clarkson Show" host said. 

Clarkson continued and noted that she did not expect she would be separating from the father of her kids this year. "Definitely didn't see anything coming that came, but what I'm dealing with is hard - it involves more than just my heart, it involves a lot of little hearts. We know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts."

While Clarkson showed that she is not going to hide what is happening in her life -- including the bad things -- she emphasized she's not going to talk about the divorce so much anymore because it can affect her kids.

"So I'm usually very open and I usually talk about everything but in this case I will talk a little bit here and there about how it affects me personally, but probably won't go too far into it because I'm a mama bear and my kids come first," Clarkson firmly shared. 

Knowing fans are worried about her though, especially since handling a divorce and its aftermath can be quite challenging (if not lonely and upsetting), Clarkson clarified she is totally okay. The singer admitted that there are days when she's feeling the blues, but music has been a good source of comfort. 

That said, Kelly Clarkson almost announced a new album while talking about her divorce. She described her newest album as likely to be songs she wrote for means of therapy. 

"When I got upset when I was a kid I had a problem saying how I felt and my mom told me to start writing," Clarkson added. "And that's actually how I get my feelings out, so I probably won't speak about it too much but you definitely will hear it musically. That's how I became a songwriter."

Three months ago, the "Stronger" singer filed for a divorce to the surprise of many. Her marriage is one that rarely made the gossip rounds because there is a presumption that it was going well.

For what it's worth, in her filing, Clarkson also requested to not be forced to pay any form of spousal support to her ex-husband. 

The "Broken and Beautiful" songstress cited irreconcilable differences as the main driver of their divorce. What it means, however, is unclear. There were rumors around July that it was because the two of them are working so hard and rarely see each other anymore. They grew apart and they can no longer see eye-to-eye as to how to take care of their children, who also needed their constant attention.

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