'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: GinaMarie Still Grieving Over Nick Eviction & House Guests Pull Prank [VIDEO]


Though there hasn't been too much strategizing lately on the Big Brother live feeds, there has still been some interesting developments.

Head of Household: Helen Kim

Nominees: Aaryn Gries, Jeremy McGuire & Spencer Clawson

MVP: Elissa Slater

Other houseguests: Amanda Zuckerman, Andy Herren, Candice Stewart, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Howard Overby, Jessie Kowalski, Judd Daugherty, Kaitlin Barnaby and McCrae Olson

GinaMarie still seems to be grieving over Nick getting evicted on July 11. On Tuesday, Howard and Spencer suggested that they have a "memorial service" for Nick in order for GinaMarie to finally move on in the game. She continued to wear his hat wherever she went on Tuesday, completely unaware that it's actually McCrae's hat and not Nick's.

Later in the day, GinaMarie caught wind of the suggested memorial service and decided to postpone it to Friday on the basis of her still being too upset.

As a response to GinaMarie not being able to get over a guy she had only known for three weeks, some of the other houseguests decided to pull a prank on her and hide all of Nick's things that she had horded. She subsequently had a meltdown, until Amanda fessed up that they were simply pulling a prank on her.

Aaryn later made a half-hearted apology to GinaMarie that seemed to suggest that she was catching on to the negative publicity she has received since being in the house.

"I apologize for things I don't even want to apologize for. You're not somebody until there's bad things about you online," Aaryn said to GinaMarie, who added, "Bad publicity's always good publicity, isn't that what they say?"

Watch this video of GinaMarie talking about the possibility of a future relationship with Nick:

Meanwhile, Jeremy has campaigned to stay in the house over the past few days, though most of the houseguests seem locked in on voting him out on Thursday. Jeremy talked with Amanda and McCrae about working together but the duo immediately agreed that the deal wasn't going to happen after he left the conversation.

As of Wednesday, it looks as though Jeremy will be evicted 8-2-0, with Aaryn not receiving any votes and only GinaMarie and Kaitlin voting to evict Spencer. The other houseguests will all likely vote to evict Jeremy.

Highlights from the nomination ceremony to the Veto ceremony will air on Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother 15. It will be airing in its regular 8 p.m. timeslot on CBS.

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