Khloe Kardashian Baby in the Works to Follow Kim Kardashian Baby North West with Kanye West?

Khloe Kardashian reportedly is "eager to be a mom" ever since Kim Kardashian joined their oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, in becoming a mother when she welcomed a child last month.

A family insider told Hollywood Life that Khloe desires having her first child sooner than later because she wants her children to be raised alongside Kim and Kourtney's kids.

The youngest Kardashian sister wants her first child to "to grow up with her here [sic] sisters' kids," a friend of the family reportedly told Hollywood Life. "She wants all the 'munchkins' to be running around together."

However, according to the source, their mother Kris Jenner wasn't eager about the idea of Khloe getting pregnant too soon after her sister Kim.

"Kris wanted Kim to be the focus when she was pregnant," the source said. "She thought that having two pregnant daughters at the same time would somehow diminish the amount of endorsements they could get."

The insider also said that Khloe's fertility issues that played out in previous seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and her spin off Khloe & Lamar were "exaggerated and pumped up for ratings."

Khloe addressed the rumors that she was jealous of Kim's pregnancy during a June appearance with Jay Leno on the Tonight ShowKhloe told the talk show host that she was never jealous of Kim's pregnancy, but admitted she was deeply "offended" when she discovered Kourtney and Kim plotted to hide the pregnancy from her. Kourtney thought Khloe would be upset about Kim conceiving before she did.

"I found out by watching Kourtney and Kim Take Miami that Kourtney said, 'This is going to push Khloe over the edge and we can't tell her.' I got offended by that," she confessed to Leno, adding, "Of course I would be happy for my sister to have a baby."

The reality star also admitted that she feels "pressure" to have a child with her NBA player spouse, Lamar Odom.

"Everyone puts so much pressure on Lamar and I to have kids and I do feel that pressure. I went to the doctors and figured out that I need to use hormone injections," she revealed.

Khloe wed Odom in a lavish affair in September 2009 after one month of dating. Their wedding was televised for an E! special. They later had their own reality show Khloe & Lamar on the same network for several seasons. Odom has two children with his ex-wife Liz Morales.

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