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American Idol's Jessica Sanchez Lacks Likability, TV Expert Says

By EnStarz Staff Writer, EnStars
on Apr 13, 2012 03:47 PM EDT
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  • Jessica Sanchez
  • American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez. (Photo : Reuters)

Despite her amazing voice, American Idol's Jessica Sanchez has many aspects that make her lack likability, Celebrity Designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet said.

Sanchez was dramatically saved from elimination on Thursday by the show's judges as she performed a last chance song to remain in the competition.

Cachet -writing for the Huffington Post- said she wasn't all that shocked with the results.

"Jessica is confident, perhaps overly confident and that never fares well with America. She seems a little stand-offish and doesn't have a great backstory," she wrote comparing her with Idol contestants' Colton, Philip and Skylar.

"She's actually, in spite of a voice that could only come from God, quite boring on camera when she's not singing," Cachet wrote, explainig why America didn't vote for her.

Still, Cachet says she feels very bad for Sanchez.

"The lesson is if America doesn't like you, you won't win."

Sanchez has impressed Idol's judges constantly. Among her outstanding performances are a version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" and Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams."

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