'House of Cards' Season 2 Cast: Kevin Spacey Compares 'Diabolical' & 'Effective' Character To Real Politics [VIDEO]


Netflix's House of Cards continues to generate a massive amount of buzz for its upcoming season 2. With the show's astounding success surely comes its share of critics, as Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) recently stated that the program wasn't an accurate portrayal of real-life politics.

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Actor Kevin Spacey, who plays the role of House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, recently spoke about "people in real politics" with Charlie Rose, and feels as though his show is more similar to the real world than politicians want to admit.

"It must be very interesting for the American public to be watching a Congress that is stuck in gridlock and that doesn't move forward ... and to be watching a fictional congress that, yes, he's diabolical, but he's extremely effective," Spacey told Rose.

"He has no allegiance to a party, it's not about Democrats or Republicans or ideology or passion, it's about opportunity to move forward. We have a Congress obviously that is just gridlocked in ideology, won't move because of, 'I believe in this and I'm not willing,' and, look, we all know the greatest acts that have happened in this country in terms of progress [are] because people have learned how to compromise," he added.

No current launch date for Netflix's House of Cards has officially been announced. However, it was recently projected to start up its second season at some point in early 2014. Be sure to keep checking back for more of the latest information on the nine-time Emmy-nominated series.

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