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Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Preview Appears on Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Jennifer Lee, EnStars
on Jun 02, 2012 11:31 AM EDT
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  • Bethenny Frankel / Twitter
  • Bethenny Frankel / Twitter (Photo : Bethenny Frankel / Twitter)

Bethenny Frankel has shown off a clip from her new talk show while on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show". Frankel admitted that she was excited over the new show and confirmed that it was going to be unique and "its own kind of show".

"We are going to talk about marriage and relationships and sex and money and we're going to go through this all together!" Frankel tells the Ellen audience.

Some have even thought that the new show would be competition to DeGeneres' show, but Frankel said there was nothing like her new show. "This is its own unique thing. It's going to be its own kind of show," Frankel explained to Ellen.

Frankel's show was only confirmed to get the final go ahead when it was confirmed Warner had given it a six week trial run. During that period the public's response would be monitored and a decision would then be made over whether the show would become a long term fixture for Warner.

Jason Hoppy, Frankel's husband, has also been in the spotlight more, as over the past year since their marriage they have had very public troubles, with some going as far as saying a divorce was on the horizon. However, he appears in the clip of Frankel's new show that appeared on Ellen, which should go some way to quashing any further divorce rumors for the moment.

However, Frankel has confirmed that nothing is off limits on her new show, and for those wanting to know more details about how her marriage is going should tune in and watch. Frankel has previously said, "We're going to talk about everything on my show! June 11 on Fox Broadcasting."


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