HBO News And Rumors: Beloved 'The Wire' Character To Be Revived In New Kickstarter Campaign [VIDEO]

Fans of HBO's The Wire can now bring a little piece of the show into their homes as the result of a new crowdfunding project.

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Isiah Whitlock, Jr. is best known for playing Clay Davis and saying "sheeeeeeeee-it!" on HBO's groundbreaking crime drama. To this day he is stopped on the street, on restaurants, and even on film sets with requests for him to shout out that catchphrase.

Now the actor his providing his fans with a permanent fix via the Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Talking Bobblehead. Funded through Kickstarter, this project is less than a month away from completion and has already exceeded its goal of $12,500.

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With over 1,000 backers, the project has earned $51,939 so far.

So what gave Whitlock the idea? And why is it coming years after The Wire ended?

The Wire's popularity has only increased over the last few years with the rise of DVD sales and on-demand viewing. As a result, Whitlock's popularity has also increased.

"Fact is, I'm just one person and I can't be everywhere," the actor wrote in the Kickstarter campaign's official statement. "But here's the good news. Now I can."

Each bobblehead is hand-painted and plays the star's classic catchphrase. Pledges started at $25, from which contributors would receive a bobblehead as well as a signed postcard.

The highest pledge package began at $10,000. Those who donated this would receive an invitation for three to a dinner party with Whitlock, as well as the opportunity to watch him go through the winemaking process for his 2015 vintage.

 Funding for the project is scheduled to close on April 18.

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