'Bloodline' Netflix Cast: Ben Mendelsohn Talks How Big Scene Between Danny & John 'Wasn't Fun' At All


Bloodline star Ben Mendelsohn recently described why the penultimate episode of the season was so difficult to film.

***Bloodline spoilers through the end of season 1 ahead!***

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Mendelsohn, who played Danny Rayburn on Bloodline, spoke with Variety about the 12th episode of the season. This featured the big climactic scene where Danny and John (Kyle Chandler) had an intense brawl, resulting in John killing Danny.

The actor explained how Danny's death (at least when it happened) came as a surprise.

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"Danny's death was known from the very outset, but I think most of us were expecting that it was going to happen at the very end of the season. So that was the first surprise," he said.

While the scene between John and Danny on the beach was obviously a tough one, Mendelsohn explained why the scenes with the whole Rayburn family really affected him.

"The scenes that really got me about that episode were those with the entire family. Because I wasn't expecting (the writers) to have a scene where Danny even got to say (how he felt)," Mendelssohn said. "I was pretty impressed by that. But I wasn't looking forward to any of those scenes. Not any of them. They were tough scenes. They weren't fun to shoot by any stretch of the imagination."

He said that the John-Danny scene was filmed over the course of "a couple days" and that it was "very difficult" being in the hot Florida Keys sun as well as the freezing water.

"To be honest, I really thought about it more on the days afterward than really going in," he added. "When I saw the death (scene), I was quite taken aback by how ugly it felt, and the underwater stuff, how horrible it feels to look at. It was an overwhelming couple of days."

Ultimately, the scene was a powerful moment that helped bring the show to a new level of intensity. It remains to be seen how the aftermath of this moment will continue into season 2.

Bloodline season 1 is currently available to stream in full on Netflix. Season 2 is coming in 2016.

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