'The Blacklist' Season 3: Will Tom & Liz Fall Into Each Others Arms? Ryan Eggold On The Keens' Future [VIDEO]

The Blacklist's Tom and Liz may have a future after all.

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The pair had a rather nasty break up - finding out your husband is a spy using your marriage to keep tabs on you can lead to just a teeny tiny fight - but recent events have reconciled the former couple to the point that a second pass at romance may sill be in the cards.

As Liz (Megan Boone) heads on the run in season 3, Tom (Ryan Eggold) will have to sort out his feeling for Washington's latest fugitive while working to put his life of crime behind him.

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"His experience with Liz has caught up with him [emotionally] in a way that no other experience has, and he wants to figure out who the hell he is, which is really fun to be playing a character in a moment of soul-searching," Eggold informed The Hollywood Reporter. "I think there's a real effort from Tom now ... to discover what it is to be quote-unquote normal, to discover what it means to care about someone and what it is to just be a guy instead of always on the make."

Now that Liz is on the run, however, Tom may have to pull a few of his old tricks to keep her safe. Will a little extra time together bring the estranged couple closer together?

Find out more when The Blacklist returns to NBC this fall. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' season 2 finale.

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