'Married To Medicine' Cast: Lisa Nicole Cloud Faces More Rumors About Husband Darren After Cheating Scandal [VIDEO]

Lisa Nicole Cloud can’t seem to escape the past of her husband, Darren’s, infidelity on WeTV’s Married To Medicine as she faces it once again.

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In a trailer for the episode to air tonight (July 12), Lisa tries to get a little relief from her fight with Quad Webb-Lunceford (after Webb claimed that Darren had a love child) and hits up the strip club with some of her co-stars. But what is arguably the biggest shocker of the evening is when one of the dancers ask Lisa how Darren is doing.

Her face makes it clear she was livid about the question, but she maintains her cool.

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Until the stripper asks, “Do you know he comes here a lot?”

Lisa doesn’t hesitate to defend Darren and replies with, “He doesn’t.”

But the dancer goes on to claim that not only does he frequent there, but “this is one of his favorite spots.”

That struck a nerve with Lisa but she still doesn’t believe it but instead is convinced that she is being set up by the new girl, Jill.

While Jill denies even knowing the dancer, Lisa calls her out for starting mess.

“Don’t put my husband’s name in your mouth in a strip club.”

Co-star Simone Whitmore ends up telling cameras that she doesn’t understand why Lisa finds fault with Jill.

The dancer then tries to prove her point and even describes what Darren looks like and even confirms that Julie “has nothing to do with” what she has to say. But Lisa still isn’t falling for it.

She has said in the past that Darren was unfaithful when they were dating but stopped cheating once they got married.

See the full episode at 9/8c on Bravo.

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