'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 2: Cursing & Nudity? Tina Fey Teases What To (And What Not To) Expect [VIDEO]

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is planning to stay family friendly in season 2.

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The innocent, upbeat side of Kimmy has allowed the Netflix series to revel in her naivety, using her remaining child-like qualities to keep the series from crossing the line into more adult oriented content. When season 2 kicks off, fans can rest assured that Unbreakable will remain a series tweens and seniors alike can enjoy.

"I wouldn't expect any cursing or nudity," series co-creator Tina Fey informed Collider, adding that the writers have been careful to "not let Kimmy stop being Kimmy...She has to keep that strength and optimism and the fun of that naivete."

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Kimmy is working hard - sometime too hard - to try and make up for the years she lost to Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, but as hard as she may try, moving on is easier said than done.

"She would love to believe that's entirely put behind her now, but new obstacles may present themselves before she can go on and live a fully realized life," Fey teased. "She's in a big hurry to get everything she wanted out of the missing years of her life and hitting some speed bumps along the way."

Hopefully Kimmy won't let that dampen her optimism. If she does get down, she can just listen to another rendition of "Pinot Nior."

Filming for season 2 will begin on Aug. 17.

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