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Rodrigo Alves & Dr. John Kahen

July 29 08:21 AM

We Chat With Dr. John Kahen About His Patient Rodrigo Alves, The 'Human Ken Doll,' & More

Rodrigo Alves, sometimes referred to as the "Human Ken Doll," has become a celebrity thanks to his numerous cosmetic surgeries. We recently caught up with one of his surgeons, Dr. John Kahen.

Rebecca Wisocky

July 27 09:39 AM

Rebecca Wisocky Gives Us The Scoop On Whether Evelyn & Adrian Will Become Parents On 'Devious Maids'

The actress sat down with Enstars to dish about the remander of the show's third season.

marqeaux simms

July 30 07:56 PM

Watch Our Video Q&A With Margaeux Simms From 'LHHATL'

We sat down with Margaeux Simms from VH1's 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' and the cameras were rolling!

Mathew Kevin Anderson

July 15 03:47 PM

Matthew Kevin Anderson Chats With Us About 'Impastor,' 'The Unauthorized Full House Story' & More

See what actor Matthew Kevin Anderson told us about TV Land's 'Impastor' and his other upcoming projects.

Oculus Rift

July 02 02:17 PM

Oculus Rift vs. Sony Morpheus. Which VR Set Should You Be Excited For?

The Oculus Rift and The Sony Morpheus are two virtually reality headsets that will be on the market very soon. Find out which out will better suit your needs.

Lisa Schwartz

July 01 08:15 PM

YouTube Star Lisa Schwartz Talks To Enstars About How She Became An Online Success

YouTube star Lisa Schwartz has more than one million followers online, and is never afraid to push the limits that cause her audience to tear up from laughter.

Julie Ann Emery

June 29 10:49 AM

'Better Call Saul' Actress Speaks To Us About The 'Breaking Bad" Spinoff & More!

Find out the inside scoop about set life on AMC's 'Better Call Saul' from actress Julie Ann Emery!

NBA Draft 2015

June 26 05:35 PM

A Guy Went To The NBA Draft Pretending To Be A Prospect & Got Treated Like Royalty

Writer Conner Toole of 'Elite Daily' was able to fool bystanders, draft attendees and New Yorkers into thinking he was an NBA Prospect, which was believable since he's nearly 7 feet tall.

Omar Miller

June 26 04:30 PM

HBO 'Ballers' Cast Member Omar Miller Talks To Enstars!

The new football show covers athletes--their rise to wealth in the industry and how they deal with the pressure to succeed.

Terry Dale Parks

June 19 06:02 PM

Terry Dale Parks From 'The Astronaut Wives Club' Talks About The Series & More

We get the scoop on ABC's new series 'The Astronaut Wives Club' along with some big blockbuster movies that are releasing soon from actor Terry Dale Parks.

Ross Mathews

June 12 04:45 PM

We Talked To TV's Ross Mathews Just Before He Officiates A Same-Sex Wedding!

Ross Mathews, from 'Chelsea Lately' & 'RuPaul's Drag Race', is marrying a gay couple this weekend at DC Pride & gave us all the details!

June 12 12:30 PM

Ross Mathews interview

As the Supreme Court reaches a decision on one of the most talked about subjects of the generation, TV personality Ross Mathews is about to take his career to a new and rather moving level.

Julie Lake

June 10 05:13 PM

Julie Lake From 'Orange Is the New Black’ Talks Season 3 & More

Find out some on set 'Orange Is the New Black' scoop and more from actress Julie Lake!

Hayden Byerly Gavin MacIntosh

June 04 06:21 PM

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Fosters' Actors Hayden Byerly & Gavin MacIntosh Open Up On Their Characters' 'Developing Relationship'

Are Jude and Connor going to live happily ever after as one of the most popular gay teen couples on television when 'The Fosters' returns? Or, are they about to face some more inconvenient circumstances?

Jordin Sparks

June 04 02:23 PM

Watch Our Q&A With Singer, Songwriter, Actrress (& '07 American Idol Champ) Jordin Sparks

We recently sat down with singer Jordin Sparks and talked about her upcoming album, migraines, Sage the Gemini, tattoos, Pokémon, and a whole lot more.

RuPaul's Drag Race

May 31 06:20 PM

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Cast Members, Judges & More Reveal Shocking Moments & Advice For Future Queens

As 'RuPaul' fans brace themselves for the winner of this year's race, Enstars spoke with the contestants as they reflected back on the series as well as where their future will go from here.

Trixie Mattell

May 30 09:00 AM

'RuPaul' Season 7 Contestant Trixie Mattel Talks To Enstars About Her Double Elimination & Plans For The Future

As 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 7 comes to a close, Enstars had the chance to chat with one of this year's most memorable queens.

samanth acosta

May 28 05:09 PM

Samantha Acosta From Showtime's Docu-Series '3AM' Talks Photography, Working As An Escort, & More

Enstars caught up with Samantha Acosta, from Showtime's new late night docu-series '3AM'.

Ryan & Trista Sutter

May 25 12:07 PM

Former 'Bachelorette' Stars Trista & Ryan Sutter Talk About Their Return To TV

Trista and Ryan Sutter are headed to HGTV for a fun new series.

Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris

May 24 11:06 PM

‘LHHNY’ Stars Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris Talked With Enstars Just Days Before Their Live TV Wedding Event

We chatted with ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Stars Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris just days before their big day.

white guy talk show

May 22 02:46 PM

Watch Our Interview With The Hosts Of Fuse's 'White Guy Talk Show'

Enjoy a delightful video of our Senior Editor chatting with Suarin Choksy & Grace Parra, the co-hosts of Fuse's 'White Guy Talk Show'.

Jeannie Mai joins the Unilever 'Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.' movement and shows off how with just a rinse and recycle empty bath and beauty bottles can take on new life and return as new items.

May 18 04:29 PM

Jeannie Mai Dishes On Summer 2015 Beauty Musts & Why She Loves Recycling

Jeannie Mai sits down with Enstars to talk 'Rinse Recycle Reimagine', Summer 2015 Beauty Trends & More.

Meredith - Mad Men

May 14 05:25 PM

Stephanie Drake (AKA Meredith From 'Mad Men') Talks To Enstars Just Before The Series Finale

We recently got the chance to talk with the actress who play Don Draper's secretary Meredith on AMC's 'Mad Men' - just before the show's series finale.

Jonathan Keltz

May 13 05:33 PM

Jonathan Keltz Chats With Enstars About The Graphic Content Of 'Reign' & Its Diverse Fan Base

'Reign' actor Jonathan Keltz dished to Enstars about the political intrigue of the series and the story they are trying to tell.

Tiffany Foxx

May 07 10:11 AM

Watch Our Chat With The Newest 'LHHATL' Cast Member, Rapper Tiffany Foxx

We got a chance to sit down and talk with the rapper (and Lil' Kim protégé), who just joined VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' Watch and Enjoy.


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