Tom Hardy News 2015: Actor's New Film Gets Bashed By Relatives Of Portrayed Characters, 'They Did Not Catch The Essence' [VIDEO]

Tom Hardy's upcoming flick is getting some rough criticism from two important critics.

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On Sunday, Express posted an interview with Frances Shea, the niece of the other Frances Shea, who is portrayed by Emily Browning in the film Legend. Hardy also stars in the film as identical twin brothers Ronald and Reggie Kray who terrorize London in the 1950s and 60s.

When Shea saw the movie with her daughter, she was less than impressed. She pointed out what the director, Brian Helgeland, did wrong on creating the story.

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"One of the first thoughts of the director should have been the descendants of the people he was portraying in the movie," she said. "It's not alright to come to the East End and dip your toe in for a month or two and then think you know the whole East End story while picking up information from people that are not the most reliable."

Shea's daughter Bonny apparently cried through most of the movie. She explained that it was nothing against Hardy nor Browning, but their characters were nothing like her family members.

"I have nothing against the cast of this film, Tom Hardy and Emily Browning are great actors, but they did not have the right ingredients and they did not catch the essence of any of the people I remember, my father, my aunt and my nan," Bonny said.

Legend hits theaters on October 2.

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