Tom Hardy News 2015: Actor Will Be Fighting With Himself In Upcoming Flick 'Legend' [VIDEO]


Movie star Tom Hardy is going to be taking on a pretty intense scene in his next film that ought to give audiences a stir.

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On Saturday, Daily Mail announced that in Hardy's film Legend, he will be in a tough brawl...with himself.

The actor plays brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray in the gangster movie where there will be a fight between the brothers. This might create some entertainment since it'll basically be Hardy going at it with another Hardy.

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The site mentioned that this scene took five days to shoot. Stunt double Jacob Tomuri plays the opposite brother during this part.

The movie's producer Tim Bevan dished on how a lot is going on in this scene.

"In that scene every particular trick that one could possibly use is being used," he said. "There are stunt doubles, there will be some split screen, there will be some motion control, and there will be some face replacement technology, it's a very, very technical scene indeed."

Stunt co-ordinator Julian Spencer mentioned that he wanted Hardy and Tomuri to really go at it with this fight.

"I told Tom and his double that I really wanted them to land these hits," he said. "All of the facial hits were real. They weren't exactly punches, but they were good banging slaps."

Legend is expected to hit theaters on October 2.

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