'Married To Medicine' Cast: Women Question If Mariah Huq Is 'Ready' To Rejoin Show After Another Blowup [VIDEO]

While the cast members of Bravo’s Married To Medicine welcomed back Mariah Huq with open arms, they are starting to question if welcoming her back so soon was the right thing to do after her blowup with one of the ladies.

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Viewers saw the screaming match between Huq and Toya Bush-Harris on the season finale that aired Sunday night.

Quad Webb-Lunceford tried to calm down Huq before Simone Whitmore stepped in and told her to relax as well. But her husband Aidyn Huq, was also going back-and-forth with the ladies. It didn’t help that they unleashed “The Huq” on the women and even their husbands earlier in the episode.

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Whitmore told Huq, “I don’t want to see yo arguing with Toya every time you see each other.”

But Huq made it clear she couldn’t make that commitment at the time.

“I can’t…She need to get some brains…I can’t…I can’t.”

Huq wasn’t sure if she could “be fake and phony” with the ladies either.

Whitmore was sensing Huq’s feelings too and simply asked if she was “ready" to rejoin the group for good after last season's drama.

Whitmore added, “There are a million issues with Mariah and the group right now. Because of those issues, I think Mariah just take time away from the group. The group isn’t uplifting and making her laugh and putting her in a good space. Mariah is miserable right now.”

Meanwhile, Webb tried to speak to Harris, who said that Huq tries to play the “feel sorry for me” card whenever she is around them.

Webb also noted that Huq might not be ready to rejoin the group.

Interestingly enough, Huq was upset that “Ms. Quad” went to comfort “Ms. Toya” instead of her.

Take a look.

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