’19 Kids & Counting’ News 2015: Is Jinger Duggar The Next Daughter To Get Married? [VIDEO]

It looks like life has definitely moved on for the Duggar family, despite the fallout and backlash they received after Josh Duggar's multiple sex scandals were revealed over the summer. There's a new report that says Jinger Duggar might be the next sister in line to get married, as she is allegedly dating family friend Lawson Bates.

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According to OK! Magazine on Tuesday, Jinger and Lawson were spotted enjoying each other's company while at Amy Duggar's wedding earlier this month. While there were no signs of side hugging just yet, they did seem to be closer than usual.

As the site points out, Lawson is 22 and Jinger is 21. The potential couple first met when the two reality television stars were on a mission trip to El Salvador together last year.

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What's more, there's also speculation that Lawson and Jinger are trying to keep their courtship on the downlow for now as the Duggar family is still trying to rebuild their public image after it was revealed that Josh Duggar sexually molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager. If that weren't enough, he also confessed to cheating on his wife Anna Duggar with an Ashley Madison account.

Meanwhile, Jinger's sister Jana can't seem to catch a break these days with her family. The Duggar sister is reportedly still being treated like the "Cinderella" of her family, as she is being forced to take care of her younger siblings while her parents Michelle and Jim Bob try to figure out a plan to get back on television.

According to OK! Magazine last Tuesday, not much has changed for Jana in her life, other than the fact that the 25-year-old has been taking care of her siblings while keeping away from her family's drama. What's more, she's also been giving her sister-in-law Anna a hand with her four children as Josh is currently in rehab for his porn and sex addictions.

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