David Beckham News 2015: Soccer Star Sets The Record Straight On James Bond Rumors [VIDEO]

It seems like David Beckham has a lot of career aspirations these days, but being a Hollywood star isn't one of them. The international soccer icon is setting the record straight about those rumors that say he is going to be the next James Bond on the big screen.

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According to RTE News on Tuesday, the British-born athlete and celebrity father says that unfortunately the world will never know if he likes his martinis shaken or stirred.

Speaking about the rumors for the first time, he said, "I know, I heard that the other day. And I was at the US Open and Sean Connery was two seats in front of me. I'm such a big fan of his; I was gonna kind of knock him on the shoulder and just say, you know 'apparently I'm up for the next role' - but no."

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David added, "I've definitely not been contacted, I'm definitely not up for doing something like that, but it's nice to be linked I suppose."

David and his wife Victoria Beckham are rumored to be moving to South Florida as he is looking to buy his own soccer franchise in Miami. He previously relocated his family to Los Angeles when he played for the L.A. Galaxy.

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