The Duggars: Former Reality Television Family Is Now Reportedly ‘Dirt Poor’ [VIDEO]

It looks like Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are having a hard time making ends meet now that they are no longer the darlings of the TLC network. There's a new report that says the former reality television couple are close to being "dirt poor" after they lost the majority of their income when TLC decided to pull the plug on their show, 19 Kids & Counting this past summer.

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According to Star Magazine, the Duggars suffered a major blow to their reputation after it was revealed that Josh Duggar sexually molested on his sisters when he was a teenager and more recently, cheated on his wife. Now, the family is apparently running low on funds as no one wants anything to do with them anymore.

The Duggars have been asking their fans for monetary contributions, which also hasn't sat well with many of their fans. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are being accused for asking their fans for money for their missionary trip to Central America, but have also been reportedly traveling back and forth from El Salvador to United States at least twice a month.

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After Derick posted a photo of him and the couple's son Israel at home in Arkansas this weekend, many of his social network followers criticized him almost immediately by writing, "So how's that missionary work? Must be nice enough to be brazen enough to never be doing it, ask for donations then be watching football games under the sick protection of the cult compound," while another wrote, "Oh wow seems to me Jill and him are FRAUDS! Give back the money you STOLE from those who donated! Get real jobs!"

Fans are also wondering how Jill and Derick are using their donation money as another fan pointed out, "Every missionary I have known is accountable for where their donations are spent. The Dillards have set up a private account with no disclosure. They are not being accountable, and it's wrong."

So far, the Duggars have not commented on the criticism.

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