'Basketball Wives LA' Cast: Tami Roman & Shaunie O'Neal Give Latest On Miami Stars, One Is Pregnant! [VIDEO]

While the latest season of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA was an explosive one, with Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal joining the cast, the Miami show was a huge topic of conversation considering the two casts were compared. Now Roman and O’Neal are updating us on what the ladies of Basketball Wives in Miami have been up to.

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Roman told VH1 that while she hasn’t stayed in contact with any of them, she is very well aware of where they are now.

“I lurk occasionally on their Instagram. Just as they do mine.”

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Roman said she doesn’t know or talk to Gloria Govan. But O’Neal has had a recent encounter with her.

“I actually saw her on a red carpet recently. And my classy self just act like she wasn’t there.”

Govan joined the show as rumors swirled that her sister, Laura Govan, was having an affair with Shaquille O’Neal while he was still married to Shaunie.

As for Meeka Claxton, O’Neal said she hasn’t seen her but someone did contact her and say they spotted Claxton at a Chris Brown show in Miami.

Roman added, “I was at a fashion show in New York and I saw Meeka there and I went up to her and apologized for the whole incident. She accepted my apology and we are totally cool.”

Fans might remember that Roman actually assaulted Claxton during her brief stint on the show. Claxton threatened to sue at one point.

Royce Reed and Shaunie didn’t stay in contact but Shaunie did mention she has seen Reed and the father of her son, NBA star Dwight Howard, go at it “on the blogs.”

“It sucks.”

But Reed and Roman have stayed good friends.

“Out of all the ladies on the cast, I genuinely love her. I think that’s reciprocated. I’m proud of her…We talk all the time.”

Remember Susie Ketchum? O’Neal dubbed her an “Instagram comedian” while Roman said, “she got a bad rap on our show” for going back and forth between the women.

Roman said they are on good terms as well.

Jennifer Williams made an exit after her huge fallout wit Evelyn Lozada and it looks like Shaunie hasn’t seen her since. Roman said the two are “competitors” in the beauty field.

Roman heard from Kenya Bell after she “reached out” following Roman’s tragic miscarriage.

Interestingly enough, Bell told Roman that she was expecting.

Roman asked, “Who?” when Keisha was brought up. We can’t forget the epic moment that Roman stole her purse..

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