'Empire' TV Show: Ratings Still On The Decline For Fox Series In Season 2 [VIDEO]

It looks like the popularity surrounding Fox’s Empire is starting to die down as more and more fans continue to be less interested in the series.

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The show is still a hit, but not nearly as much as it was during its debut season earlier this year. While it returned for season 2 with roughly 17 million viewers last month (which is amazing!) that number has been on the decline ever since.

In fact, after the most recent episode, the show has not seen such low viewers since the episode that aired on Feb. 11, and fans are starting to take point out why.

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They have called out the show for being “cartoon garbage” as one, Billie Gold who works for advertising company Amplifi, said that the celebrity cameos have been pretty unbelievable.

He pointed out Ludacris’s stint as a security guard and Chris Rock’s portrayal as a tough guy.

“Some of them are laughable, and they clearly don’t fit into the story.”

Still, one can’t deny that the show is still the biggest hit network television has seen in the last 10 years. But with the continued dip, how much longer can it last?

Gold added, “Besides football and ‘The Walking Dead’, nothing’s pulling in these kind of numbers; it’s still a monster hit. But the week-to-week drop in ratings has to be a little unsettling.”

It’s not clear why the show has seen ratings drop, but it’s only four episodes in (until tonight), so there is still lots of room for the show to get back on top.

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