Anna Duggar News: Fans Begging The Reality Star To ‘Fade Away’ [VIDEO]


When it comes to Anna Duggar, there's no doubt that she's had the worst year of her life to date. The former reality television star has seen her husband Josh Duggar's fall from grace after he admitted to several sex scandals earlier this year. Now, her fans are urging her to fade away from the spotlight so she and Josh can work out their problems in private and not in front of the camera.

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According to the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Anna is telling her side of the story on an upcoming episode of TLC's Jill and Jessa: Counting On. In the short preview clip, Anna says that she is "heartbroken" about her husband's scandals, saying, "'I think it is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we're walking through."

And while Anna has happily obliged to participate in the Duggars' spin-off show, many of her fans think it's high time that she take a break and sort out her problems and feelings away from the reality television cameras.

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Some comments from fans and critics include, "This level of public exposure, humiliation, and exploitation will do no good for her marriage or her child. Might have felt sorry for her before, but she is voluntarily going full Duggar here and baring all for money, money, money. People have lost any sense of privacy or decorum," along with, "Adultery is unconscionable. On the other hand, being married to one of them would be hell on earth."

Another reader wrote, "I could not show my face after my husband did this. Fade away...just fade away. I feel SO sorry for their children."

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